This is a name used in Brazil, is common in past generations and well accepted. However, does not mean "sweet" but, unfortunately, means "lie." Logically, the Tupi Indians did not use it as a proper name. Was adopted by the Portuguese, today appoints squares, cities and people. I like a lot of Moema, think exotic, values the Tupi-Guarani indigenous culture. [noted -ed]
Moema is a district belonging to the borough of Vila Mariana, in the south of São Paulo, Brazil. Once called the "Indianapolis", experienced a major real estate growth in the 1970s, and even today continues to attract investments, being considered a prime area of the city.
Moema is a painting made by Victor Meirelles (1832-1903) and contained in the collection of the notorious museum MASP São Paulo. Under President Beatriz Pimenta Camargo, the museum received support for the restoration of the screen, which is considered one of the icons from his collection.
Moema São Thiago Correia (Ant, April 3, 1948) is a lawyer and Brazilian policy was federal deputy by Ceará.
Moema Gramacho Isabel Passos (Salvador, July 4, 1958) is a biologist, chemical analyst and Brazilian politics.
Moema Libera Viezzer (Caxias do Sul, 1938) is a writer, sociologist and Brazilian feminist activist.
This would be a really cute nickname or a good pet's name!

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