In addition to looking like moo, it also looks like moose. Not a fan of it.
Pronunciation is probably like MOHSS rhymes with gross, but in English it looks like the cow Moos.
Fun fact for Dutch and Belgian people: in Limburgish (a minority language in your countries), Moos means "moes" (both are properly translated to "mush" in English).

As such, the Dutch words appelmoes ("apple mush") and wortelmoes ("carrot mush") become appelmoos and moeremoos in Limburgish! :)

Oh, and yes, the Limburgish word for "carrot" is moer (the plural is moere). It is equivalent to the German word Möhre meaning "carrot".
HAHAHA I laughed like crazy when I saw this name! *Moo*
I think I see the 'moo' in it.

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