This name is really comforting and happy sounding, not to mention super gentle.
noisynora  1/29/2021
I know a guy named Moshe, generally everyone calls him his nickname Moos (M-oh-s).
PurpleManners  4/18/2016
I like this name, but it would only work for Jewish men.
Ali Hassan  11/13/2014
The meaning of the name Moshe is 'drawn' (or 'pulled out')The orignal Moses was named 'Moshe' by Pharaoh's daughter, after she drew him out of the water (where he was floating in a basket). As stated in the Bible, she called him Moshe ('Drawn One') 'because I have drawn him from the water'.
― Anonymous User  8/21/2014
I know a boy who's middle name is Moshe and he pronounces it MO-shee.
― Anonymous User  8/8/2013
I first heard of the name in a book we read in class in 11th grade. Right then, as a classmate was reading and he mispronounced the name and our teacher helped him pronounce it - I liked it a whole lot. (Yeah, even in class I'd be thinking about names!) But I remember reading the homework material, I thought it was cute. I dislike uncommon, out-there names, but Moshe is just so cute and maybe an exception has to be made! Isn't Moshe cute? Just say it. I personally think it's adorable. I did not intend Biblical names for my little children, but NONE of the non-Biblical ones appeal to me, I mean boys' names. I thought about Moses before, but Moshe is softer, gentler, and cuter, in my opinion. I'm kind of scared to use it or admit to say I might use it because I'm not Jewish, and I might be stealing your name, but it's just SO adorable, sorry! Moshe is a GREAT name!
diamond  3/15/2008
Spelt Mosze in Poland.
SMHRS  6/20/2007
This is the name of a character in the famous Holocaust memoir "Night." I also think this is an interesting name.
noganoganoga  9/17/2006
Pronounced moh-sheh.
Miss Claire  7/29/2006

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