Fictional Characters from Books: 1 character
Muriel Stacy   1908   Anne of Green Gables  
Fictional Characters from Movies: 1 character
Muriel Heslop   1994   Muriel's Wedding  
Fictional Characters from Television: 1 character
Chandler Bing (a.k.a. Muriel)   1994   Friends  
Harry Potter Characters: 1 character
Notable Actors and Actresses: 1 actress
Val Jellay (a.k.a. Muriel)   1927-2017  
Notable Athletes: 1 gymnastics
(gymnastics) Muriel Grossfeld   1940-  
Notable Writers: 1 author
Muriel Spark   1918-2006  
Olympic Medalists: 1 bronze, 1 gold/silver/bronze
(gold/silver/bronze) Aileen Riggin (a.k.a. Muriel)   1920; 1924   diving  
(bronze) Muriel Hurtis-Houairi   2004   4x100 m relay