The Law; the principle that if it is possible for something to go wrong, it will go wrong.
Murphy Cooper is a fictional character in Interstellar (2014). The youngest daughter of the protagonist.
Unfortunately this name always reminds me of the sensation of speaking with your mouth full.
This is a dog name.
Ugly on both genders, and I really cannot imagine this on a girl.
This is a surname, doesn't sound right as a first name.
Personally, I'm surprised people don't like Murphy. I love my name...
The name Murphy was given to 148 boys born in the US in 2015.
Only Americans use last names as first names, and the rest of the English world is laughing at them.
Murphy sounds so harsh as a given name. I don't like it even on a boy and I do like masculine names! It's just too rough and coarse. It would be okay on a cat or a dog, though.
I would name a cat this, in honor of Eddie Murphy.
Murphy (played by Norman Reedus) was the twin brother of Connor MacManus (played by Sean Patrick Flanery) in the wonderful cult hit "Boondock Saints".
Matthew "Murph" Murphy is the vocalist of the Wombats. An AWESOME man and an AWSOME band!
I hate this name for both sexes. I can't really imagine it on a guy, and on a woman, it sounds very ugly. It actually sounds like the name of a shabby middle-aged woman with a hideous 80s-like hairstyle with hair that looks electrified and ugly, loose-fitting clothes.
People seriously use this as a first name?
Murphy Lee is a famous rapper.
Murphy Brown was the name of a sitcom starring Candice Bergen as (female!) Murphy.

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