Murray Mints.
Murray is a mummy from the movie Hotel Transylvania.
Murray is also the name of the fairy godfather in the 1997 movie "A simple wish".
Murray Franklin is the name of the talk show host played by Robert De Niro in the 2019 film Joker.
I am Scottish and have a young son called Murray, people always comment on how nice it is as a first name. People associate the name with strength.
Last name.
Murray is a hippo in the Sly Cooper game series.
American actor F. Murray Abraham. The first initial is in honor of his father Fahrid.
I know a Scottish dude with the first name Murray, and another Scottish dude with the LAST name Murray.
The name Murray was given to 44 boys born in the US in 2015.
Murray Acton, the lead singer of the awesome band Dayglo Abortions!
There was that goofy guy from the Wiggles with the guitar and the red shirt whose name was Murray, he is the only association I have with this name.
Andrew "Andy" Murray (b. 15 May 1987- ) is a Scottish professional tennis player.
The Murray River is Australia's longest river. It rises in the Australian Alps and forms the border between New South Wales and Victoria and crosses into South Australia, emptying at Lake Alexandrina.
My cat's name :) so I couldn't imagine a person being called it but it's pretty cool.
Doesn't sound very pleasant, and it's quite dated.
Murray is also an Irish surname.
Also an Irish name O`Muireadhaigh Anglicised to Murray.
Famous Bearer: Devon Murray plays a roomate of Harry Potter's in the film versions of J.K. Rowling's best-selling "Harry Potter" series. Devon's character is the sometimes-fiesty Seamus Finnegan.

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