In 2019 the name Musa was given to 78 boys in Ontario, Canada.
I knew this was a male name and a variant of Moses (Musa from Winx Club not withstanding), but in researching into Soviet Russian ballet in the 1950s I found a Russian (? She was dancing in Russia) ballerina by the name of Musa Gottlieb. I also saw it spelled Muza. She is pretty much nonexistent on the Internet, the only thing that can be found is that she was in the film ‘Stars of the Russian Ballet', but she was dancing opposite a famous dancer so I would assume she had some kind of career, and yet there is nothing, at least on the English internet. Hm...
In Chechen, it is written as "Муса".
The name Musa was given to 219 boys born in the US in 2016.
Musa is a member of the kids t.v. show Winx Club.
Musa is also used in Chechnya (a traditionally Islamic country) as a first name for men. Since Chechnya is forced to follow the Russian naming system, it is also found as a middle name in the form of a patronymic, namely Musayevich (which would be Musa-khant in proper Chechen).
This name gives off a very strong and manly vibe!
Musa is the scientific name for bananas and plantains.
A famous bearer was king Mansa Musa of Mali, which is a country in Africa.
It also means 'good man' in Shona in Zimbabwe

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