Also Pashto (or Dari/Persian?):
Kvitoslava-Orysia  1/16/2021
Mustafa is also Urdu and Bengali.

Scripts: مصطفی (Urdu), মুস্তাফা (Bengali)

Urdu Pronunciation: moos-ta-FA

Bengali Pronunciation: MOS-ta-fa.
glacier_bear_82  11/29/2020
My surname is Mustafa, and although I don't hear of it much except within my family, in Cyprus and Turkey it is apparently as prevalent as Smith is in England. It means 'The Chosen One' and many people gave their children the surname as a way to honour Mustafa Ataturk Kemal who is considered the founder of contemporary Turkey. This explains its popularity in modern day Turkey.

My grandfather's parents gave him the surname Mustafa even though their own was Hussein, as he was born around the time of Ataturk's prevalence.
Yas1996  6/28/2018
The name Mustafa was given to 233 boys born in the US in 2016.
― Anonymous User  6/6/2017
Mustafa Kučuković is a German former footballer of Bosnian descent.
lilolaf  2/12/2017
Mustafa Denizli is a former Turkish football player and current manager who last managed Galatasaray until his resignation on 1 March 2016. He has managed many Turkish notable football clubs, including "Istanbul Big Three" (Fenerbahçe, Galatasaray and Beşiktaş) and has won the Süper Lig title three times. He is currently the only manager in history to win the Süper Lig with three different clubs. He also has worked outside of Turkey with Alemannia Aachen in Germany, Pas and Persepolis in Iran and Khazar Lankaran in Azerbaijan. He managed the Turkish national team for four years and reached the quarter-finals of Euro 2000. On 23 December 2011, he was returned to his former club, Persepolis but resigned at the end of the season. He spent 17 years with his hometown club Altay in İzmir, gaining a reputation as one of the best player in the position of attacking left forward in the league history.
lilolaf  2/12/2017
Sounds like a man you wouldn't want to run into at night! :s
Sounds like it would belong to a psychopath, serial killer, mob type.
― Anonymous User  9/9/2014
I've come across two guys with this name and they weren't anything like a "psychopath" or "serial killer" the user ThatMazerunnerfan thinks about the type of person this name sounds like it belongs to. The pronunciation stated on BtN says this name is pronounced "moos-TAH-fah" but both Mustafa's I knew pronounced their name as "Mus-staff-fə". I'm not really a huge fan of this name. I don't dislike the name, I just don't personally care for it. It's such a common, typical Arabic name that I can't help but see it as a little bit boring. (I know I sound like a hypocrite here. I actually have no problem with certain common names e.g. Michael that many may say is boring also but for some reason there are some popular names that you get tired of hearing of more so than other popular names.) The name Mustafa is an elegant, classic Arabic name though, I can admit. I wouldn't ever in the future if I had a son, name my child Mustafa but the name itself isn't outrageously bad.
― Anonymous User  5/21/2015
It sounds too much like Mufasa, you know from the movie Lion King. Unsuitable for an American child.
citylights  8/12/2013
This name is also used in Turkey.
Shibbeh  8/18/2011
Mustafa Izzet is a British-Turkish footballer. He is also known as Muzzy.
― Anonymous User  11/19/2009
This was the name of Mustafa Kemal, the first president of Turkey.
bananarama  7/9/2008
I never encountered anyone named Mustafa until a few years ago when I started going to a diner where a lot of Turkish people work. There must have been about three or four named Mustafa. That was my first experience with that name but I don't like the sound of it.
Missy  5/18/2007

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