Ah English speakers thinking that English is universal and not understanding that other languages exist. These comments are so weird, My is a perfectly fine name.
My, this name is pretty! It's alright in Sweden. Word names aren't always what they seem...
Hi My name is My *face palm* just no...
Very strange name.
My, My would be great in Sweden, but make sure to not use it in English-speaking countries, my dear.
"Oh, My dear."

"My name is My."

"Hey! Those are My apples!"
"Hi, My name is My."
Punky Brewster has a doll named My.
This would be funny in an English speaking country. But it sounds okay in Sweden.
Agree with kayisforkeen.
My, My, what an interesting name.
What the heck are these comments about? It's a Swedish name so it wouldn't be pronounced M-Y. It's such a common name here but I understand why people think it's weird, though believe me if you were Swedish.. or Scandinavian even, it would be as normal as the name Anna.
I know a girl named My. She plays on my hockey team and she is from Sweden. I personally think it's a cool name but I would never name my child it because I am not from Sweden.
I just can't get over the Moomin association.
It's a perfectly normal name in Sweden. It's nice, but a little too short for My taste.
It's not pronounced like the English word.
My sounds weird to me, but I have the feeling that it wouldn't if I were Swedish.
Sorry, but it's not pronounced like the word "My". It's something like "MEE". You have to learn that some countries use different spelling/pronunciation system than English.
What kinda name is My? Thought that was just a weird. Imagine someone saying "Hi, my name is My." It's like, my what?
I hate this name. It sounds stupid and shouldn't be linked at the message boards.
My means "we" in Czech and Slovak.
Super weird.
It is also a Vietnamese name meaning 'elegant'.
I will be honest. This name drives me crazy because it always shows up linked on the message boards when people sometimes aren't even talking about names, and I hadn't even heard of it until I joined BtN. Oh well.
I've never heard My being used as a nickname for Maria. It has always been connected with Little My. Tove Jansson got it from mathematics. My is a Greek letter (it's the letter M).
My is not pronounced as the English word "my" but as the Germans would pronounce "mü" or the French would pronounce "mu". The closest English way to pronounce it would be "me".
I think the reason Swedish parents started using this name is because of Little My, a tough little girl in Tove Janssons children's books about the Moomin trolls.

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