Overall solid name. Has a good meaning, "Soldier." Sounds rather modern, not too soft not too strong. I prefer the spelling "Myles" more so than the traditional "Miles" spelling though, just looks better to me. Mylo/Milo is a nice nn.
I like both spellings of this name, but I prefer Myles a little more.
I normally hate names that have an unnecessary Y instead if an I, but this is acceptable. Miles is literally just the word mile, I don’t like that spelling.
Myles Standish (1584-1656) of Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts.
Usage: Greek Mythology, EnglishScripts: Μύλης (Ancient Greek)Pronounced: MIELZ (English)Meaning: Though an English variant of MILES, it is actually derived from the Greek word μύλη (myle) meaning "mill". Famous bearers of this name include the king of Laconia from Greek Mythology and the English military officer and adviser of Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts hired by the Pilgrims Myles Standish (1584-1656) at the time of the colony's inception.
Why is this a variant of a name that came from a name that is German?Shouldn't we ban this name because of ww2?
Myles is a nice spelling. There's nothing tacky about it.
For parents who don't like word names, they shouldn't use "Miles".
For parents who don't like unnecessary Y's to replace the vowels, they shouldn't use "Myles".
For parents who don't like dumb, or "tacky" pronunciations, this could be spelled either way.
It really depends on the person, or people, naming this child.
Personally, I prefer Miles.
I do not CARE if it is a word. It comes out very smoothly, and it is easy to spell. There should be no confusion on how to say it or pronounce it, it is a very nice name. It is easy to ignore the English word when you think about how nice of a name it is.
"Myles" on the other hand... is being called a "trendy abomination" of a very decent name. I partially agree with people who have said that.
My name is Myles and I love the name. Plus I'm very intelligent and caring so what if it's spelled with an I or a Y? It still means a caring man.
My name is Myles. I'm a 3.3 junior in high school, I play Football and am very active. Not once have I been incarcerated and that will remain an obligation in my life. The spelling of my name has nothing to do with a the childish stigma of "ghetto". Black and proud.
I prefer Myles over Miles. Different strokes for different folks.
What's with all the hate in this name? I personally like this better than Miles because that's a length of measurement.
What an horrific spellingSpell it as Miles or simply don't use it at all.
Myles, rather than Miles, is actually the name of a king in Greek Mythology, so I would not consider it "modern" in the least. I like the name and think it's sad that it's stigmatized by the popular y instead of "i" trend.
I'm not saying the name is modern by any means. It just looks that way to me, unfortunately, because of the 'y in place of I' trend. But I am aware that it's a historical name.
I love Miles, but not Myles. Using a y instead of an I tends to make names sound more juvenile and "modern". This is a perfect example.
Myles na gCopaleen was one of the pen names of the famous Irish writer Brian Ó Nualláin, also known as Flann O'Brien.
I love this name, and prefer this spelling. It takes out the mile (form of measurement) aspect, and it also has MY in it like he is "my" Myles.
The name Myles, hmmm, it seemes weird. It is just like the name Miles but it's not. Even if your name is Miles whenever anyone says the word mile you say what do you want you see. And therefore you could be teased easily.
I do not think the pronunciation of MIE-ulz is quite accurate because that suggests there are two syllables. Myles is one syllable, so it should be MYLZ. [noted -ed]
Myles is a nice name for a boy. It reminds me of a man who is quiet, gentle and caring.

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