This is a great name. It's name of my aunt and it's also very pretty to me.
Also in use in Arabic, spelled " نعمة"
@Hussein, I thought it was spelled "نما".
The most authentic pronunciation of the name should be 2-syllables with equal stress on both syllables.

In Hebrew to English transliteration, the double-A, which is often separated with an apostrophe (i.e. "Na'ama"), signifies the letter "ayin", ע. This is a guttural sound is made by constricting the back of your throat. This sound is currently present in the Arabic letter "ayn", ع, often transliterated as a "aa" or a 3. However, in modern Hebrew and in modern Jewish prayers, the ayin had lost it's pronunciation, with the exception of the Yemini Jews. It becomes a neutral sound where you only hear a vowel. In modern Israel, it's often just pronounced "nah-ma", but maybe putting a little emphasis on the "ayin".

Other Hebrew names that contain this "ayin" sound are Ya'ara, Ma'ayan, Na'omi, and Re'ut (Ruth).
Naamah or Na'amah is a succubus who bedded Adam and bore him children in the Zohar. She is one of four angels of sacred prostitution, and one of the mates of Samael.
I have to add to my comment above (I apologise for a double comment), but I think if I were to use this name I'd spell it Na'amah or Naámah, to indicate that the "a"s are pronounced separately.
Naamah is such a gorgeous and magical name. It has a beautiful sound, and something appeals to me about the way it looks, the two "a"s. But I'm afraid people, especially in Ireland (where we don't have Aaliyah), will be thrown by this and pronounce it wrong. I love the actual Hebrew pronunciation - nah-ah-MAH. I find it cool and beautiful.
Naamah is a beautiful Hebrew name. Although I prefer the NAY-ah-mah pronunciation, the original is good too. It's a very unique name and I think it would suit a little girl or a grown woman very well. Just lovely. =)
In Kushiel's Dart, a series of books written by Jacqueline Carey, Naamah is a Goddess of pleasure whose devotees are highly-trained courtesans.
A masculine version is Naaman - also a biblical name – Naaman was the general of the arum of Aram (circa ninth century BCE), who visited the Prophet Elisha to be cured of leprosy (2 Kings 5: 1).
In Jewish myth Naamah (indeed mentioned in the Bible as the sister of Tuval Kain, one of the early descendants of Adam and Eve) is often considered to be a demoness and one of the wives of Samael (the devil.)
This is a beautiful name, and I love the double 'a.' I think it is pretty, and I have considered naming my daughter this.
I've heard it suggested that Naamah was the wife of Ham, Noah's son.
Naamah was also the wife of Noah (in Jewish explanation books for the bible she's considered to be a smart women).
In Bible - sister of Kain, woman of great beauty who made angels fall.
Naamah, sister of Tuval Kain was mother of demons since she made angels fall for her beauty.
This name is pronounced nah-ah-mah in Hebrew.

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