Pronunciation is [na-YA-ra]. [noted -ed]
I had never heard of this name until I met a Brazilian woman who has a daughter named Nayara. The only reference I can find to that spelling is a resort in Costa Rica.
It's my daughter name.
I loved it from the moment I saw the word 'NAIA' and decided to add 'ra' behind it.

I read it somewhere, Naia means a person who loves seeking adventure..., a traveler..., a flowing river in a peaceful country... :)
Naiara Egozkue Extremado is a Spanish handball player for Zuazo Barakaldo and the Spanish national team. She represented Spain at the 2013 World Women's Handball Championship and 2016 Olympics. In September 2015 she was selected as Player of the Month in the Division de Honor Femenina in Spain.
Cute little baby name.
I find the name Naiara so beautiful, brilliant, exotic and unique. :)

Girl sibling name suggestions: Nayab/Nayaab (pronounced NA-YAB), Naiara/Nayara, Naila (pronounced NY-la), Naira, Nyala, Naima, Nigella and Naomi.
Boy sibling name suggestions: Nayden, Niles, Niall, Nigel and Naylor.
I've only heard this name with the R rolled, which in turn makes it sound more like NIE-AHDU.
I like this name-- it sounds nice-- except I would spell it "Nyara".
A character in Xena; Warrior Princess is named Najara, it's pronounced the same way as Naiara.
Pronounced NIE-ahr-uh.
This name is so beautiful. Basque names seem to have this "mystic" quality to them! I love it!

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