I love this name! Other nicknames can be Nanny or Nannie.
I like old names  1/11/2021
I just don’t like it at all because I call my grandma Nan.
Inxpect  11/19/2020
It's pretty. I like the nickname Nan.
noisynora  9/27/2020
Very pretty.
Anders1234  7/28/2020
This French diminutive for Anne leaves me with the impression of appreciating its divergent appeal from the normative as the name applies to a graceful, yet strong concept from a quick glance. The name would definitely make for an incredible middle name that may create a rhythmic flow to a full name.
― Anonymous User  1/23/2019
This is really cute.
kayisforkeen  10/13/2018
Nanette is the name of my daughter, I named her Nanette-Sasha, Nanette is a Hebrew name meaning Grace. Names are never outdated because there are reasons we have given them to our babies.
White Horse  10/16/2016
Why do people say names are outdated? All names are old. Sarah and James and Emily are really old but no one says those names are outdated. I think Nanette and Nanetta are lovely names. Nancy and Nettie could be nicknames for it.
― Anonymous User  7/3/2016
It sounds so childish it's almost absurd! As a pet name, fine, but as a full name... just no.
Alexanna  8/18/2014
Nanette Phillips, wife of Mackenzie Phillips, is a character from the book, The Shack.
Ryry1996  5/31/2011
Another bearer is Nanette Manoir, the faux-French girl on the show Angela Anaconda. I don't think many people remember the show, though.
bananarama  4/19/2009
Nanette Newman (born 1934) is a well-known British actress and author of children's books.
Jonquil  9/16/2008
My name is Nanette and I LOVE IT! When I was little I didn't like it because there were no key chains and whatnot with my name on it. But I think that Nanette is a really nice name. No, it is not a LEEEETLE outdated. Thank you. =)
RadishQueen  6/25/2008
A famous bearer is American actress Nanette Fabray (born October 27, 1920). She is well-known for her roles on the television series "Caesar's Hour," winning 2 Emmy Awards for the role and her Tony Award-winning role in the musical "Love Life."
AndrewJKD  4/26/2008
This is a very pretty name! It could work for now because it's not a tacky overused name like Madison, Ashley, Brooke or Jordin! It's a name that's easy to grow up with and keep the rest of your life!
― Anonymous User  4/4/2008
Nanette is French pet form of Hebrew name Anna. Name Day: 26th July.
Maggie_Simpson  11/6/2007
Name of American designer Nanette Lepore.
SSF  12/31/2006
I think this name is very lovely, it is old fashioned but to the point of being cool (like Enid, Ava, Velma, ect). It makes me think of a happy girl that loves the color pink!
khaotickharma  4/24/2006
I think this name is a LEEETLE outdated.
lunalovegood  1/16/2006

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