Nanna is also Estonian and Finnish. The name day for Nanna in Estonia is August 15. The name day for Nanna in Finland July 9.

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Also Estonian (albeit archaic):
Nanna is only slang for grandmother in English-speaking countries. In Sweden and Norway grandmother is called "Mormor/Farmor" and the most common slang is Mommo or Fammo. It has nothing to do with grandmothers where it's used.
Nanna Bryndis Hilmarsdottir - Great singer
In the band Of Monsters and Men. She is Icelandic.
Pronounced- NON-NUH.
Danish singer Oh Land's real name is Nanna Øland.
Seeing that Nanna is a perfectly normal name in many languages - and is a goddess in Norse mythology even! - and as 'nana' is a petform/slang for grandmother in English speaking countries only, I find the grandmother comment above somewhat stupid and ignorant.
I think Nanna is a lovely nickname, but I would be unsure about putting it on a birth certificate, because some people call their grandmothers "Nanna". I like how this name originates in mythology, and it's cute that "Nanna" is a word for "sweets" in Finnish. For me, that's a positive association. Nanna certainly does sound very sweet and youthful, almost childlike. I think I would use it as a nickname for Inanna.
A very child-like, cutesy name that no one can be taken very seriously with.
Why would you name your child Nanna. What next, a kid named Granny?
In Finland some people call candy nanna. Could also be a pet name for names ending -na like Johanna.
In J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan the dog that looks after the children as their nanny is called Nanna.
My name is Nanna, and I think it's a simple, but elegant name.

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