So pretty ❤️❤️.
Narcisa Buencamino-De León was a Filipino film producer. Clad daily in the frugal rural dress of the camisón, saya and chinelas, Doña Sisang, as she was widely known, was already a 61-year-old widow when she entered the film industry.
Slovene feminine form of Narcis:
I think the Romanian pronunciation of this name would be either "nar-CHIS-a" or "nar-KIS-a". Not sure which.

By the way, the "pretentious" spelling Narcissa is not English, but Late Roman.
This is also the Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian form of Narcissa. [noted -ed] I like this name, and it doesn't sound as pretentious to me as the English spelling.
Narcisa comes from the flower called Narcisa which means daffodil.

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