Nata is also commonly used in Georgia, where it is primarily a short form of Natalia and written as ნატა. [noted -ed]

It can also be a short form of Natela and Natia there, especially when it is written as ნათა.

A known bearer of this name is Natela "Nata" Menabde (b. 1960), a Georgian executive director of the World Health Organisation since May 2015.

- (in Russian)
- (in Georgian)
- see the entry for Natalia, which mentions Nata:|by=%E1%83%9C (in Georgian)
- (in Georgian; scroll down to the entry for Natalia)
- Natela "Nata" Menabde (b. 1960): (in English)
- Nata Peradze (b. 1968), a Georgian artist and civil rights activist: (in Georgian)
- Nata Varada (b. 1978), a Georgian writer: (in Georgian)

You might also want to perform an exact search on Google with only the keywords "Nata" + "ge.linkedin", which will turn up all the Georgian bearers that have allowed for their LinkedIn account to be available on Google. The same principle applies to Facebook, although I would pair the name with that of a major Georgian city on there (such as "Tbilisi" or "Batumi"), lest the search results get too cluttered with non-Georgian bearers.
Lucille  7/2/2020

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