The meaning of this name is "God Has Given". Not only is it written in the bible, but it is also Italian, Romanian and Hebrew. Beside all of that, I think it is a nice name.
Natan is the best name in the world if you are Romanian. It also means God Has Given in the bible.
This is a very nice modern name for people in Georgia, Italy, and Romanians. It is truly the best name in the world and has the meaning of God Has Given. It is also popular in the bible.
It is also the Italian form as well.
Reminds me of Satan. Not good.
נָתָן is not Hebrew for Nathan. Nathan is English for נָתָן.
Also Polish.
Another Hebrew pronunciation is 'Nosson', pronounced nus-sun. In Hebrew both names are spelled the same way. [noted -ed]
Natan is also the form of Nathan in:- Croatia
- Georgia (written as ნათან as well as ნატან in Georgian)
- Serbia (written as Натан in Serbian)
- Ukraine (written as Натан in Ukrainian).
Natan is also Czech, Slovak, Dutch, Polish, Icelandic, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian and French form.
Natan is the original form, from the Hebrew word "gift" (there is a prayer that calls the Torah a "Natan") and Nathan is the Anglicanized form. My name is the feminine form of this, and it's also the name of a city in Israel. I was named for my Russian grandfather. I've also heard that one of the brunette James Bond women was the feminine form of this name.
Pronounced nah-tahn.

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