It's a pretty name, equals Natalie.
My name is Nathalie and I usually go by Tippi. The only person who calls me Natalia is my mother.
If I have a child I would like to name them Nathalie or Natalia. Some combos I love are:
Nathalie Kay [I'm kind of biased for this because it's my full name].
Nathalie Marie
Nathalie Desiree
Nathalie Josephine.
The h in this name is silent if you pronounce it the French way.
Personally, I like Nathalie much more than Natalie.
With 705 772 bearers, Nathalie is the 10th most common feminine given name in France (2014 Data). With 65 632 bearers, Nathalie is the 11th most common feminine given name in Belgium (2014 Data). With 2 547 bearers, Nathalie is the 3rd most common feminine given name in New Caledonia (2014 Data). With 161 bearers, Nathalie is the 19th most common feminine given name in Monaco (2014 Data). With 120 bearers, Nathalie is the 15th most common feminine given name in Saint Barthelemy (2014 Data). With 78 bearers, Nathalie is the 7th most common feminine given name in Saint Pierre and Miquelon (2014 Data).Source:
Nathalie Becquart (born in 1969) is a French Catholic religious sister and member of the Congregation of Xavières. She was appointed a consultor to the Synod of Bishops of the Catholic Church in 2019 and named one of its undersecretaries in 2021. From 2008 to 2018 she oversaw the National Service for the Evangelization of Young People and for Vocations (SNEJV) within the Bishops' Conference of France.
Usage: French, English, Dutch, German, Danish, Swedish, NorwegianPronounced: NA-TA-LEE (French), NAT-ə-lee (English), na-DA-lyə (Danish), na-ta-LEE (German, Swedish)Meaning: French form of Natalie used in several languages.
My sister's name is spelled Nathalie but we've been pronouncing it na-dl-lee all these years. It's nice to learn something new.
Nathalie Joanne Emmanuel is an English actress. Emmanuel began her acting career appearing in theatre in the late 1990s, accruing roles in various West End productions such as the musical The Lion King. In 2006, she began her on-screen career by starring as Sasha Valentine in soap opera Hollyoaks, after which she appeared in various British television series until her debut film appearance in Twenty8k. Emmanuel gained public recognition by starring as Missandei in the fantasy series Game of Thrones, before achieving international fame with supporting roles in action films Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials, and Furious 7, which became the twelfth highest-grossing film of all time.
Also used in English speaking countries (USA), Netherlands, and Scandinavia. [noted -ed]
My name is Nathalie and I love it. It is spelled Nathalie in French but never pronounced "Na-zha-lee" like some people think, but more like Natalie with a slight difference. In French we say "Na-ta-lee"; in English it's more Nat'lee, which is fine. Just think of Thalie or Thalia as a derivative. Well, the right way to pronounce it is Tahlia not Zhalia.
I really don't like this name, the 'th' in it throws me off, but I do think Nathalie Rapti Gomez is just adorable. She's a Colombian born actress who has a Colombian mother, Greek father but she was raised in Italy since she was a baby so she speaks perfect Italian and is very famous there. She speaks English too, pretty young girl.
This name is really dated to the 1960's in France. It was the 6th most popular name of the 20th century for girls. Despite this, I find it absolutely gorgeous. The same goes for Natalie :)
Both my name and my Grandmother's is Nathalie, we don't say it like na-ta-LEE or NAH-tah-lee. We say it Nath-lee.
Moderator Tereza Pergnerová and Jiří Chlebeček have a daughter Nathalie Chlebečková.
Honestly I like this name because it's my name. I love this spelling better than "Natalie".
I've heard it pronounced nah-tha-lee.
I HATE hearing the 'th' sound pronounced in this name. This is the French/German spelling and that sound does not appear in it. Only ignorant English-speaking people use it because they are unaware of how it's really pronounced (the sound does not appear in any of its variations as far as I know), or simply don't care. To me it just makes an unpleasant example of the culturally ignorant American stereotype.
My friend's name is Nathalie, and she says it "nath-a-lee".
I think this name sounds better if you pronounce it like it looks. na-THAY-lee sounds prettier than NAT-a-lee.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Nathalie here:
I love the name Nathalie. My baby sister was born a few years ago, and when my mom and I were trying to come up with a name, we thought about Rachel but eventually decided on Nathalie. I personally call her Natalia as an affectionate name, but other people call her Ali, which I suppose is OK but not as interesting as Nathalie!
This is the birth name of actress Tippi Hedren.

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