Sounds very handsome on a guy. Definitely not a girl's name... I'd use Nadine instead.
The suffix of the name makes Naveen sound totally feminine! I really only like it as a girl’s name, not a boy’s name at all! On second thought, it’s traditionally masculine, so what’s new?

I guess this name can be unisex, but I personally think all names with the “een” sound at the end are way more feminine than masculine, but names like Adina and this might work for a boy since that’s what they’re regularly intended for, so name a boy or a girl this if you want!
Sanskrit meaning of the name “Naveen” is: “Beautiful, Pleasant”.
I adore this name (and this spelling.) It always gives him the impression of someone fun and bright. I like names with long e sounds. (Usually with an I but this time the two es work better.) I'm sad that this doesn't get much love. Especially with the Princess and the Frog popularizing the name a little.
The newest Disney prince (from The Princess and the Frog) is named Naveen.
Famous bearer: actor Naveen Andrews, known to most as Sayid on the television show Lost.

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