Great name.
I think it's a lovely name for a boy, though I can't see it being used for a girl. Very masculine in my opinion, but not too overused or brutish.
Also, it's a well used (not excessively common) name in Australia, as a lot of people are 2nd or 3rd generation Irish immigrants.
Neil Cicierega is a musician, comedian, songwriter, actor, and animator. He is also known by his band name, Lemon Demon. He created many things, some of his most famous including The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny (2005), Animutation (2001), and he has released 9 albums under his band name, Lemon Demon, as of 2020.
My dad was called Neil. I’ve never liked it. I always think of someone kneeling down, lol.
Neil Clarke (born 1966) is an editor and publisher of science fiction and fantasy. In 2006, Clarke launched 'Clarkesworld Magazine' that won the Hugo Award in the Best Semiprozine category in 2010, 2011 and 2013. Clarke himself has been a finalist for the Hugo Award for Best Editor: Short Form in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019. He received the Kate Wilhelm Solstice Award from Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America in May 2019.
Not the worst name in the world, but for some reason I just don't like it. At least it is very masculine, and morons haven't started giving the name to girls (yet.)
My name is Neil, and you people are crazy if you think it's a bad name.
Can be a nickname for Nathaniel.
Neil Gorsuch is the Associate Justice on the SCOTUS who replaced the late Antonin Scalia.
Neil was the rat who banged out the tunes on April 13, 2006.
There have been a lot of famous Neils. I think it is neat how long this name has been around and I hope that it makes a comeback. If not, I will keep it. Hehehe.
I love this name for a boy and grown man! I’ve known two Neil’s who are both kind and professional. One Neil I know volunteered as Santa for sick children in some of our local hospitals for decades. The other Neil owns a private school in my home town. There are also the famous Neil’s as mentioned above, but let’s not forget Neil Diamond! I hope to see this one rise!
Always makes me think of a mealworm. Maybe since Neil and meal rhyme? IDK. To me, this is definitely a geeky name.
In Arabic a very similar name is used Nael نائِلِ and it means "the generous one", could be related somehow.
This person landed on the moon! Omg!
Neil Ross is a famous voice actor. I remember him for voicing Keith on Voltron.
Neil is one of the main characters in the Game Boy Advance video game Mario Golf: Advance Tour.
Neil Sanderson, drummer of Three Days Grace :)
Neil Hannon is a Northern Irish singer, songwriter, and composer. He's the only permanent member of The Divine Comedy, composed the theme songs for The IT Crowd, Father Ted, and also did music for Doctor Who and The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy.
This name definitely deserves a comeback! I love it to pieces lol!
First name of astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson.
Would be a good nickname for Nathaniel.
Neil Halstead is a British guitarist and singer. He was a founding member of Slowdive and Mojave 3.
Neil Oliver is a scottish bloke with hair. He presents the British TV show 'Coast.'
Neil Peart is my fav drummer and writer,
In Irish, Néill (pronounced like nail) is the genitive form of Niall. That's why Hugh O'Neill is called Aodh Ó Néill in Irish, rather than Aodh Ó Niall.
Neil's a very elegant name, in my opinion. It's a bit short, but the sound of it is so beautiful.
A famous barer is American actor and magician Neil Patrick Harris.
Neil is an excellent name. Both possible meanings seem so euphoric and elusive. It may seem run of the mill, but it has a certain energy. Every Neil I've heard have has been completely interesting- you never seem to meet an ordinary Neil.
Neil C. Roberts (August 16, 1969 – March 4, 2002) United States Navy SEAL, fell from rear ramp of helicopter being fired upon by enemy machine guns during Operation Anaconda in Afghanistan, because bullets had cut some of the hydraulic lines and he had slipped on leaking oil. Remembered with honor for having immediately turned to face the enemy in spite of his fall and his injuries, and survived for many minutes armed only with a pistol and two grenades, before being shot dead. First US Navy SEAL killed since 1999.
Filmaker, singer, and Internet personality Neil Cicierega bears this name.
I quite like the sound of this name, but not the aesthetics.
Two famous bearers - singer Neil Diamond and President Bush has a brother named Neil.
Neil Peart is the drummer for the rock band Rush.
This name is also occasionally used as a nickname for Cornelius.
Neil Finn is a musician, singer and songwriter from New Zealand. Known for being in Crowded House, Split Enz, and The Finn Brothers as well as having a solo career.
Harry Potter author J. K. Rowling's husband is called Neil.
Canadian musician Neil Young (reportedly born Neil Percival Kenneth Robert Ragland Young) is a famous bearer of the name. His career is made up of solo work (songs such as "After the Gold Rush" and "Heart of Gold," among many others) as well as work in the bands Buffalo Springfield ("For What It's Worth"); Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young ("Ohio"); and Crazy Horse ("Cinnamon Girl").

In addition to being immensely talented both in writing songs and in playing multiple instruments (Kurt Cobain cited Young's guitar style as a major influence), Young is a principled man who has turned down every commercial endorsement offered to him. He is also extremely liberal, as evidenced by "Let's Impeach the President," a scathing protest song written in response to the Bush administration.
Neil Armstrong is a famous bearer.
The boy who wants to become an actor and kills himself when his father puts a stop to it in the film Dead Poets Society is called Neil.
Neil Tennant is the singer in the British pop duo The Pet Shop Boys.
Neil is the name of the harassed hippie on the 80's comedy show The Young Ones. (Played by Nigel Planer.)
This name belongs to Neil Gaiman, an awarded author whose work includes fantasy/horror books such as Coraline, American Gods, Neverwhere, and the famed The Sandman comic series.
Neil also means "blue" in Hindi.

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