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This is my great grandfather's surname. He immigrated to the US from Spain around 1850. I'm pretty sure it's not a Spanish name, but his father, William Nels lived there and married my very Spanish great great grandmother. It's very puzzling how a Nels wound up in Spain.
Cinhoc  5/4/2019
It's our family name. My grandfather came from Holland in the early 1900's. I always thought that it was a dutch name. My mother just told me that our ancestors in Holland came from Sweden. Don't think I like that. I've always thought that I was all Dutch. All the other grandparents came from Holland around 1900.
MarkNels  12/19/2015
I've never seen this in Sweden. I would guess it was used among early Swedish settlers in America.
According to statistics there are only 26 Nels in Sweden, so I don't think this should be considered a Swedish name at all. [noted -ed]
Caprice  9/15/2015
My great-grandpa was named Nels. He was from Sweden. I like the name. It sounds like a traditional Swedish name.
gretaelisif  11/13/2007
Nels Olsen is the name of the storekeeper on the T.V. show "Little House on the Prairie."
breakofday  12/16/2005
I believe Nels Olsen was an actual storekeeper. He's mentioned in a biography about Laura Ingalls Wilder.
welovejamesarness  5/23/2008

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