Sounds like the name of a ninja.
minion947  2/15/2020
Nemanja Vidić is a retired Serbian professional footballer. He was part of the Serbian national team from 2002 to 2011. After establishing himself at Red Star Belgrade during the early 2000s, Vidić moved to Spartak Moscow in the summer of 2004. He further increased his reputation when he was part of the "Famous Four" Serbian national team defence that conceded just one goal during the 2006 FIFA World Cup qualification campaign. He would later sign for Manchester United for around £7 million in January 2006, before establishing a prominent defensive partnership with Rio Ferdinand the following season, and earning a reputation as one of the world's best centre-backs, due to his defensive consistency and awareness, as well as his strength, leadership, and ability in the air. He left Manchester United at the end of his contract in July 2014, joining Inter on a free transfer.
cutenose  1/18/2017
Nemanja Bjelica is a Serbian professional basketball player for the Minnesota Timberwolves of the National Basketball Association. He also represents the Serbian national basketball team internationally. He is a 6 ft 10.25 in tall power forward.
cutenose  5/11/2016
Nemanja Matić is a Serbian professional footballer who plays for English club Chelsea and the Serbia national team as a defensive midfielder. He is widely applauded for his consistently good performances on the pitch and his style of play.
cutenose  5/6/2016
Probably derives from the old-slavic word "nemaniti" which means "to attract". (Unfortunately I can not prove this. Since this is my name, I got this information from my history teacher. She had a book about name origins).
mekintosh_larja  5/30/2014
Немања (Nemanja) is probably one of most unique and real Serbian names. But it has only one correct meaning. One person wrote it above and you sir, you had a great teacher. It is derived from the by-name borne by the founder of the Nemanjić dynasty, Stefan Nemanja (1114–1199) a Serbian Grand Prince who was venerated as a saint after his death. It derives form old Slavic word "maniti“ which means "to attract“ or "someone who is attractive“. This is confirmed by dictionary of Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences and Church of course. Thousands of years ago it was known that monarchs give themselves strong and powerful names to intimidate their enemies and to be admired by their followers. For example: Alfred the Great, Charles the Great and so on. This is why this name, In the past, was only allowed to be given to members of the royal family.
Most recent theories say: the name Nemanja means "without possessions“ it's not correct. It's literally the meaning of the word Nemanja with different pronunciation. But it's not the meaning of the name. Or that Nemanja means "dragon“. This stems from the two root parts of the name. "neman" = dragon/demon and "ja" = I (me) which is a grammatical addition that converts the meaning to an action with the first word. Although it sounds very cool, this one is also not correct because original Serbian script is Cyrillic. These theories are made possible after the reformation of Serbian language in the 19th century by „Vuk Stefanović Karadžić“. But they are not correct meanings of the name Немања (Nemanja).
I love this site and what you do. Names are symbols. With deeper meaning and history. Greetings! [noted -ed]
Worldforger  1/26/2017
Nemanja derives from the Serbian word "neman" which means "demon" and a gramatical change applied to the word neman - "ja" which when applied to the word means one that deals with. So as people were afraid of demons, there were others considered the "fighter of demons" that were called to task to protect others. Therefore Nemanja means "Fighter of Demons".
aldascmp  1/24/2010
It was sometimes said to derive from Nehemiah, based on some similarity between these names.
goricar  11/21/2009
The origin and history of the name "Nemanja" is that it comes from the Serbian surname "Nemanjic" , which was started by the Serbian kings dynasty.
― Anonymous User  10/13/2008
The name Nemanja means fighter of demons. This stems from the two root parts of the name. "neman" = demon and "ja" which is a gramatical addition that converts the meaning to an action with the first word. Serbian grammar is quite complex in comparison to English so this is the simplest explanation that I could provide.
― Anonymous User  8/9/2008
NEMANJA is "someone (male) without property" - NEMATI means "to have not" in Serbian. Name refered to noble sons who stayed without share in father's property (usually second, third son). [noted -ed]
gate  6/22/2006
It's from the Serbian word neman meaning something like a dragon.
maca  1/17/2006
In Serbian this name means "not having". In Croatian it means "does not have".
― Anonymous User  7/4/2005

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