Captain Nemo is a fictional character created by the French novelist Jules Verne (1828–1905). Nemo appears in two of Verne's science-fiction classics, 'Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas' (1870) and 'The Mysterious Island' (1875). He also makes a brief appearance in a play on which Verne may have collaborated, 'Journey Through the Impossible' (1882).
Nemo means nobody? When was the last time this page was updated? This name is really cute, but imagine: “Hey look everybody! I found Nemo!” All’s fair in name meanings, but “nobody” is just mean.
Awww, so cute. It means nobody.
Kinda rhymes with "an emo". The name is alright though. A bit sad it means nobody.
What was the point in trying to find Nemo?
If the Romans were around today, they would be playing hide and seek with Nobody, what fun!
It means nobody? So the name of the movie translates to "Finding Nobody," that's kind of sad. I think it sounds like a cute name, though, especially as a nickname for a younger girl.
This name is hilarious.
I like that it means “nobody” it makes me think of Odysseus outwitting the cyclops.
I like the name Nemo despite the meaning.
It is a short name which I think is a plus in my book.
Nemo is one of those names that might appear okay on paper and I do, slightly, like this name. However, as others have mentioned in previous comments, this name might prove to be somewhat difficult to have as a first name in light of the
pop cultural reference from the film, “Finding Nemo”. It may take a few decades before a set of parents may decide to use this name for any future child without the memory of the movie being a relevant association within the public’s imagination.
"Point Nemo" in the Pacific ocean is one of the farthest points on Earth from humans.
Lol. Nemo, as in Finding Nemo? This name is bound to be made fun of. And what kind of a meaning is nobody?
The fish from Finding Nemo makes this name adorable!
I'd like to add as well that I have actually come across a person with this name, who's a girl. Interestingly she's Somalian. I'm not sure if it means something in her culture. I never saw her get teased for her name. For her to introduce herself actually made some people smile (not in a "haha, what a silly name!" way, in a genuine "wow, cool!" way).
An absolutely adorable, blessed name. It's peaceful sounding and soft. I like the name Nemo for both genders. ^_^
The main character of the drama/fantasy/romance film Mr Nobody (2009) is named Nemo Nobody (played by Jared Leto).
I have a friend who's a girl named Nemo. I like it for a girl, though the meaning is sad.
Anyone with this name will be teased about "Finding Nemo."
Nemo is also a Waodoni name meaning "Star." This was the nickname Waodoni tribeswoman Dayume gave her friend Rachel Saint, the sister of one of the five missionaries speared by the Waodoni in 1956. Nemo in Wao is pronounced, "Nay-mo."
I think this name would sound awesome on a fictional character. Not so on a real child, though. I loved the name even more after listening to "Nemo" by Nightwish.
I liked this name up until the stupid fish movie came out. I can't imagine giving a kid this name knowing he will have to go to school and face the other kids with it. :/
No way. This sounds ridiculous as a name, considering that it means "nobody". And someone named Nemo will get too many Finding Nemo jokes.
It would sound far cooler pronounced ''NE-mo'' instead of ''NEE-mo''. I'm afraid the name sounds a little too ''out there'', and people probably wouldn't expect a guy named Nemo to be particularly, um, conventional. Unfortunately enough, employers are often terrified of unconventional people.
During the late 19th Century and first half of the 20th Century, it was common to see Letters to the Editor in newspapers signed "Mr Nemo" when the author of the letter did not want to be identified.
I love this name for a girl. I know it is masculine, but I got the sense that in the song "Nemo" by Nightwish, it was feminine, because Tarja, the singer of Nightwish, is female. You get the picture. I think this is a beautiful name for a girl. For a guy it's okay.
Nemo means 'nobody'? That's a bit surprising. I wonder if they took that into account while making the animated movie. It's a cute name, though, I like it.
Nemo was the alias of Captain Hawdon from Charles Dickens' novel "Bleak House."
Nemo is the name of the main character in a series of comic strips called Little Nemo by Winsor McCay. A movie, Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland, was based off of the comic strip.
In Homer's Odyssey, when the cyclops Polyphemus asks his name, Odysseus says, "Nemo" ('No one' in Latin). Therefore when Odysseus gouges his eye out and Polyphemus is asked by the other cyclopes who is hurting him, he says, "No one is hurting me!"
Why would Odysseus use Latin while he is a Greek? It doesn't make sense. I should know because I have been studying Latin at school for four years now. Anyways, I think Nemo is a name that shouldn't be used in real life, just because of the teasing a kid might endure.
This name sounds cute, but I wouldn't use it. Imagine your kid playing hide and seek: "Look! I found Nemo!" Hearing that would get a wee bit on the annoying side, to say the least. Use it if you want to, but teasing will probably come with it.
I simply can't understand why this name has become so popular in Sweden. Oh yes, I know it's because of "Finding Nemo" and probably also because many people here like Nightwish, but I cringe.
"Hello, I'm Nothing, who are you?" And it's "omen" spelled backwards.
This is the title of one of my favorite songs by Finnish band "Nightwish".
The main character in the animated movie, Finding Nemo, bears this name, as you can see. Also, Nemo, is the title of a song by Finnish metal act, Nightwish. This song reached many number-one top spots on several single lists in Europe.

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