Bob Nesta Marley is the full name of Bob Marley, the legendary reggae singer.
wh0sbad  7/15/2019
Nesta is the sister of Feyre and Elain Archeron from A Court ot Thorns and Roses. She is strong-willed and slightly b*tchy.
Kp_quarternote  6/2/2017
This was my great-grandmother's name, and before she died, my mother promised her that she would name one of her children Nesta. But then, she married my father whose last name is Nesta, so she ended up naming all of her three children Nesta! I find this as a wonderful name, boy or girl.
rhia_07  1/21/2017
My Name is Nesta and I am a boy. I quite like my own name and find it unique I think it works fine for a boy and all the nicknames that come with it such as: Nestea, Nessie and Nesquik (mostly girls call me these ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )) over all it is a great name to have and I would recommend it to others ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )
Nesta.J.H  12/19/2016
It always reminds me of Zuma Nesta Rock.
abster  11/25/2015
Immediately reminded me of the Nestea brand. Besides that, it's one of the more prettier versions of Agnes.
Tiger Lilly  10/6/2015
I absolutely love this as a nickname for Earnestine.
Sophannagh  12/11/2010
Before I realized that this was already a name, I thought it would make a great nickname for Clytemnestra. I like Nesta by itself though, too.
― Anonymous User  12/17/2009
This name sounds ridiculous on a boy, since it's a Welsh girls' name. It looks more feminine with the A at the end, and it kind of reminds me of "nest". I don't care for it.
bananarama  10/17/2009
In the Mates, Dates series by Cathy Hopkins, one of the main characters's name is Nesta Williams and she is half Italian and half Jamaican.
― Anonymous User  9/19/2008
On August 21, 2008 musicians Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale welcomed into the world a baby boy named Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale. Another famous bearer is reggae legend Bob Marley, who was originally named Nesta Robert Marley.
midnight maiden  9/13/2008
Pronounced NEST-ah.
AndrewJKD  4/19/2008

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