Unfortunately, I cannot shake the mental association of "Nestor" with Nester, the cartoon kid used in Nintendo promos in the late 80s and early 90s. That will always supersede the Greek king in my mind.
Nestor Alexander Haddaway, known as simply Haddaway.

Usage: English, French, German, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Georgian

Scripts: ნესტორ (Georgian)

Pronounced: NEHS-TAWR (Classical Greek, French), NEHS-to (German), NEHS-tuw (Swedish), NEHS-do (Danish)
Pronounced "NYES-tawr" in Russian. [noted -ed]
The name Nestor was given to 124 boys born in the US in 2015.
Nestor Makhno, Ukrainian anarchist and leader of the Black Army during the Russian Civil War.
Nestor the Long-Eared Christmas Donkey, a 1977 Rankin-Bass stop motion special.
The name Nestor is also in use in Georgia.

In Georgian, Nestor is written as: ნესტორ.
Nestor is the name of the butler of Marlinspike Manor in Hergé's Tintin series.
A 'nester' (yes, I know it's spelled with an 'e') in the American Old West was someone living on cattle-grazing land.
It reminds me of Jack Lemmon's character Nestor in the movie Irma LaDouce.
Nestor is the name of the crow from the Brazilian comic books "Ze Carioca". He is Ze's best friend. (Ze Carioca is Jose Carioca from Disney's "The Three Caballeros".)
Sorry but it reminds me of Nestle chocolate bars.
It's a cute name!
Nestor Carbonell is an actor, currently on the show LOST as Dr. Richard Alpert. He's a great actor but mostly I just like his name. Nestor Carbonell, Nestor Carbonell. Haha.
Pronounced NES-tor. [noted -ed]
Nestor is a crazy name. It sounds like a serial axe murderer name.

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