I actually like Neta נטע!

It is a modern Hebrew name with a nature-themed meaning! It is simple, short and could cross the borders as it can be seen as European as well.

Neta is BOTH for boys and girls in Israel. It's not only for girls! I am Israeli and I met Neta guys and girls as well. [noted -ed]
Hi, great site!
Just wanted to comment, as my son Neta’s father, that the name can be used as masculine as well as feminine, though the strict sense is masculine, the more common use is feminine.
Please add. [noted -ed]
Natalie Portman's birth name is Neta-Li (נטע-לי)
Neta actually is used as a boys' name in Israel sometimes - I know a boy named Neta - but it's used as a girls' name far more often.
Pronounced neh-tah.
Neta is never used as a masculine name in Israel. [noted -ed]
NETA is the portuguese word for grand-daughter (masculine form = NETO).

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