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I had a friend that came from Africa that spoke the Khoisan or Namibia click language - apparently, the "Ng" has a click sound... it has been over 30 years and my memory is not that great - but I loved how she pronounced my name.
NgaireTaylor  10/10/2019
I have a daughter called Ngaire. I had no idea it was pronounced differently to how we have been saying it (Nyree). I lived in New Zealand for a while & heard the name there & thought it was a beautiful name. When I found out I was pregnant & was trying to think of names it was the only one that I liked enough to want to give my child. As a Cornish maid too though, I wanted her to have a traditionally Cornish name as well, so her full name is Ngaire Lowena (Lowena means happiness in Kerneweck) which, in my opinion, is a really beautiful name & suits my daughter down to the ground. I love that she's the only Ngaire in our area too, no confusion with other kids!
Treenabeanz  1/17/2017
My mother had planned to name me Diana, but she really liked a nurse named Ngaire who worked in the Maternity ward and decided to call me Ngaire.
This name is lovely in NZ, but having lived in London UK for 12 years I found it just doesn't work here. No one really remembers Nyree Dawn Porter anymore and I get fed up hearing the horrible ways people attempt to pronounce it. So I am now known to everyone here as Regina/Gina which is an anagram of Ngaire, but have kept Ngaire as my legal name.
NgaireH  8/22/2015
Meaning of "Ngaire"
Hawaiian name

In Hawaiian, the name Ngaire means - silver fern. The name Ngaire originated as an Hawaiian name. The name Ngaire is most often used as a girl name or female name.

Hawaiian Name Meaning - silver fern
Origin - Hawaii
I like our Polynesian relations whakapapa to my name Ngaire, 3 years ago when I googled my name the origin of my name came from Greek mythology.
I feel women who are named this are very beautiful, radiant beings.
ngairek7  6/23/2015
As I understand, Nyree Dawn Porter was given the name Ngaire at birth but once she had moved to the UK (not much in the way of acting opportunities in NZ in those days). She changed the spelling in an effort to get the British to pronounce it somewhat correctly. It would have been difficult or impossible for her to lecture the press or public in those days on the exact pronunciation (no internet). Perhaps she could have spelt it 'Nyray' but that doesn't do it either. Nyree was probably a better shot than being called 'In-gair' or something similar. Actually the burred 'r' is probably the hardest sound for English speakers unless you're Scottish. Maori had no written language & Latin (not English) writing/speaking conventions were introduced by classically taught Anglican Clergy for Maori pronunciation (white men again!) & so the eternal confusion. I recorded an elderly first-language Maori speaking gentleman some years ago and he bemoaned the fact very few pronounce Maori properly anymore by his standards including younger people who have been through Kohanga Reo; so in the greater scheme of things, do your best but no need to start 'pointing the finger' as the saying goes. It is a lovely name.
― Anonymous User  6/3/2015
I have had this name for almost 57 years now, my mother was a New Zealander, it is NOT pronounced with EEE at the end it sounds similar to the word 'diary'. I was told it meant 'daughter of the moon' it is also the name of a small moonflower in NZ. Hope this helps.
ngaire  1/21/2009
This is just wrong. It sounds like "n*gger".
bananarama  7/9/2008
How so? There's no comparison. I think you just pulled that one out of your butt for laughs. No laughing here.
― Anonymous User  10/3/2008
The name is indeed Maori, I was named after the beautiful Nyree Dawn Porter, a New Zealand born actress, who was in the 'Forsythe Saga' in the 60's and the Protectors.
rosebag  10/24/2006
Pronounced Ny-ree.
rosebag  10/24/2006
It is not pronounced NY-REE. Ny-ree is a bastardized pronunciation. Could you at least get this lovely Maori name's pronunciation correct? It would be the respectable thing to do. It is NGAI-reh!
― Anonymous User  10/28/2006
"Anonymous User" above has the pronunciation correct. My mother's Irish parents bestowed her with 2 Maori names... Rewa Ngaire :-)
Jon54  2/5/2018
Ngaire (Nyree) means a little white flower that grows in a bog. Means that even somewhere as desolate as a bog, something beautiful can grow.
rosebag  10/24/2006
This is said NGAI-reh, not nye-ree as it often seems to be mangled into. The ng- sound is distinct from a n- in English and sounds rather like the ng in sing. The second syllable rhymes with the first part of men, not with sea. [noted -ed]
― Anonymous User  5/27/2006
When I was born, my mother named me after her Maori nurse, which was Ngaire. She explained the name was indeed Maori and meant 'Sparkling Water'.
fagashlil  5/28/2005
It does not mean sparkling water, the words for both in Maori are nothing to do with Ngaire. The most likely origin IS flaxen.
― Anonymous User  5/27/2006

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