Pronounced as nik-ə-DEE-məs in English and nee-ko-DEH-moos in Latin. [noted -ed]
RHAWK3935  5/30/2020
I love this name, it sounds mysterious and cool.
MSW  3/26/2020
This is no doubt a strange and unusual name. One that, if used, would almost certainly be for a character in a story or somebody's beloved pet. Speaking of which, I once read a story where there was a character (a dog in fact) whose name was 'Stoppit Nicodemus Davis' I always thought that was great. Very amusing :D.
Realisticmindxxx  5/10/2019
Too elaborate.
kayisforkeen  8/14/2018
Being an aspiring author with a fondness for unusual names, I've made up two characters with this name. One's a rat with a talent for sarcasm, the other's the leader of a troop of ring-tailed lemurs.
Deinonychus  12/31/2012
Nicodemus (Noddy) Boffin is a character in "Our Mutual Friend" by Charles Dickens.
Kate  5/8/2007
I love this name, it was my great grandfather's. Everyone called him Demus and his wife's name was Doris, I always thought this would be nice for twins. The way it is pronounced if correctly would sound like knee-co-day-mus and slowly as to not get the effect of a previous comment nic-co-day-mus which would remind me of ciggaretts. In any event I will use this for my next child being he is a boy. Very unique and wonderful to say.
mitchellar31  1/4/2007
This is the name of the character also called Nico in the Shamer Chronicles.
― Anonymous User  9/3/2006
Sorry, but this makes me think of cigarettes.
dramaelf  8/7/2006
Nicodemus is a character from Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh.
― Anonymous User  4/23/2006

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