Nicola Zalewski - Polish footballer who plays for Roma.
Also Sicilian:
I think Nicole is better for a boy than Nicola for a boy, but both names are for girls.
Nicola Ambruzzi is the narrator of the book "The Queen's Own Fool".
Nicola Della Valle is the lead singer and lyricist of the band Miodio.
The critically acclaimed 6 hour Italian movie La Meglio Gioventu (The Best of Youth) features two brothers, one of which is named Nicola. He's the reliable thread that holds the whole thing together.
I just got back from southern Italy recently (Calabria, and surrounding areas)... let me tell you, it is an incredibly widely used name for males there. Both those of older generations and young. A nice name.
I didn't hear it quite as much in northern regions-- say, Roma.
My name is Nicola, and I'm a guy, also I'm 100% Italian. Anyways if you go to Italy there's a lot of guys with this name, it's a common Italian name. For example a common American name is John. Anyways people call me Nico (nee-ko) short for Nicola (NI-cola) and Nicola means victory of the people. I love my name. :)
Cola or Nicola di Rienzi was an Italian revolutionary in the Middle Ages who tried to re-establish the Roman Republic in the city of Rome. Failed in the end. Subject of a novel by Bulwer-Lytonn and early opera by Wagner. Hitler saw a production in Germany in which swastikas were part of the pageantry in the ballet segue and this is how the Nazis got the idea of using it as their symbol.
My name is also Nicola, but I go by Nicole or Colie because that's what my family has always called me. I prefer Nicola though.
A man named Nicola Sacco was a famous Italian U.S. immigrant who was charged and hanged for murder. It was later proven he was innocent!

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