Nicola and Nicole are feminine forms of male given name, Nicholas and means "People's Championess".
We named our daughter Nicola in 2018. It is a rare name in the US, and we call her Nico as her nickname. We do get some questions on how to pronounce it here the states, and we just say that it is pronounced like the coin, "nickel," with an "ah" on the end.
She is independent, opinionated, and quick-witted, and the name gives her options for use as she grows older.
I know way too many Polish girls with this name (same for Nikola) and what they all have in common is that their either mean, fake or racist. Ruined Nicola and Nikola for me.
Okay! So I'm using this name in a Discord RP server, and this name will belong to my character's daughter, Nicola Rifft. Both my character, her wife, and her daughter, are taken from the book I wrote with my friend; in which the child's name was Nico. The canon character was male, but since the RP server is realistic, we had to do some research, and found out that two females can have a child with each other with some sort of science-y procedure, but the child can only be female. We wanted to keep the name Nico, but I can't imagine it as a girl's name. We compromised, and decided on the name "Nicola", but "Nico" for short. I think it's really cute (despite my rambling)! Nice and simple, but elegant and charming as well.

Well I'm rambling now. Like this name. Good name. Tasty name.
Beautiful name.
I just can't help but see it as a male name.
My name is Nicola. Anybody saying 'Nicola is a male name.' GET PREPARED FOR THIS! I am Greek, my full name is Nicoleta shortened to Nicola due to much bullying and mispronunciation. Also, Nicola is a VERY common full not shortened, like mine, female name in England, Greece and even Italy! So check the facts before you go blabbing on about origins and genders! We all know you are just trying to sound smart... SO STOP because even if you do sound smart it will never change the fact that you are not.
Elegant name, sort of sounds like the word necklace.
Nicoleta Alexandru (born 5 November 1968), whose stage name is Nicola, is a Romanian singer. She is best known for representing Romania at the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest.
Nicola Adams OBE is a British professional boxer. The first woman to win an Olympic boxing title, she is the 2012 and 2016 Olympic gold medallist in the women's flyweight division. As of 27 May 2016 she is the reigning Olympic, World, Commonwealth Games and European Games champion at flyweight.
My name is Nicola and I like it though I hate being called Nicky and prefer it shortened to Nic. Nicola was a very popular name in 1975 when I was born and I agree with a previous poster who says that Americans cannot cope with the 'a' on the end and just call me Nicole which I don't like at all! Also agree with the poster who said Nicola's are sexy and intelligent, we are!
My name is Nicola and I am proud! Nicola sounds nice- I'm not saying it because it's my name, my mum picked it and is not pronounced ni-COLA it's NI-CO-LA. I get called Nikki and Nikkiola and I don't mind! People in America call me Nicole but I don't mind! (Note I am from the UK)
Ok, Nikki/Nicki/Nicky.
Just clarifying.
Nikki, Nicki= forms of Nicola, Nicole.
Nicky, Nikky= forms of Nickolas/Nikolas/Nickolys.
My name is Nicola, it was common here in the UK when I was born in 1974. Apparently there were several on the maternity ward where my mother had me. I've never had a problem with my name, but I do notice that Americans can't quite work out why there's an 'a' on the end of my name, and I was called Nicole a lot when I visited the US and even online sometimes where they can see the spelling. Lol In Italy it's a boy's name. But over here we have Nicholas and Nicola. Can also be spelt Nichola but mine is not. It's pronounced NI-ca-la.
This is a man's name and is from the Greek. It is the Italian male version of Nicholas. Check Wikipedia.
I actually really like this name. I can imagine a woman called Nicola being really sexy but quite clever and studious as well. I prefer this to Nicole: floats off the tongue better.
I MUCH prefer the name Nicole to this. The way this name looks at the end reminds me of Coca-Cola.
I first noticed this name due to the character in Spice World (the Spice Girls' friend), and decided that it was a most attractive name, which I much prefer to the far more common Nicole.
Nicola Sturgeon is a Scottish politician.
I know my history. I don't know who would name a girl Nicola because that is a man's name.
Nicola Adams, a British boxer who is the first woman to win an Olympic boxing title.
Soo… this is my name, and I used to hate it, but now I like it okay. I don't love it, but I like it better than Nicole.
One of my biggest issues is that people almost always pronounce it ni-KO-la at first. And once someone thought it was Nikolai, which was annoying. I also don't like any nicknames for it- Nic, Nikki, Cola (just no)- which means I go by my full name. People sometimes think that makes me a snob, which kind of sucks.
I would advise anyone considering naming their child this to think about nicknames before naming them this.
I'm sorry but this name is just ugly. All I can see is "cola" which sounds yucky.
Nicola Peltz (born 1995) is an American actress.
The entry says this name is used in British English, but it's quite common in Australia, and I would say it's probably used in America too. [noted -ed]
Nicola Roberts (October 5th 1985) is a British singer, best known from the girl group Girls Aloud. In 2011, she released a near-critically acclaimed debut album, "Cinderella's Eyes."
Actress Nicola Peltz, who recently played Katara in "the Last Airbender".
My name is Nicole and back in kindergarten there was this girl who got my name wrong and called me "Nicola". And then her sister called me "Coca Cola" because they both thought Nicola was my name and it sounded like the pop to them. And then all the people in my kindergarten called me that. Thank goodness for elementary school, because I HATED that nickname. And I hate the name "Nicola". It sounds like a brand of soda, it's ugly on both boys and girls. Don't call your child Nicole or Nicola, please. Nicole because it's overused and Nicola because it's gross and cheap. Your child will end up resentful to their name and school if they had to go through what I did.
This name and Nichola are pronounced NIK-ə-lə, not ni-KO-lə. It's pronounced in the same was as Nicholas but without the 's'. [noted -ed]
I've met lot of girls named Nicola, and the only pronunciation I've ever heard is NIK-oh-lah, not nik-OH-lah.
My cousin's called Nicola, but she pronounces it NIK-oh-la. To me this sounds a lot prettier than ni-KO-la.
I think this name is quite common in the UK and there it is pronounced with the emphasis on the first syllable. Nicole has been so popular in the US but Nicola never really caught on.
I prefer this name to the overused Nicole, and I like it best spelled without the 'h'. This has to be pronounced ''NI-ko-la'', however, not as ''ni-KO-la'', as the latter makes me think of Coca Cola. This name sounds quite spunky, like the name of a lively and confident, intelligent young woman, but the religious roots of the name are a reason for me not to use it.
I pronounce my middle name nee-COL-uh, the Spanish way.
Pronounced Ne ko lah.
My name is Nicola but people call me Nikki, Nico, Nixxi, Nikkita, Nikabrik (like in Prince Caspian), or Nic.
I have a friend called Nicola and it is a very pretty name. I call her Nico as a joke. I think the prettier pronunciation is "NI-co-la", instead of "ni-CO-la". To me the second pronunciation just sounds disturbing. I don't know why.
Nicola Stapleton is an English actress (born 1974) who started acting as a child (in the movie "Hansel and Gretel" for instance) and is known from "Bad Girls".
Bearer is author Nicola Morgan. A book by her is 'Sleepwalking', which I am currently reading. :)
I think Nicola is a cool name for a girl. I don't know, names that end in "a" pronounced "uh" seem more for a girl.
Nicola Sparks was the main charecter in Meg Cabots love story Nicola and the Viscount.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Nicola here:
A beautiful name. Sounds like music.
I personally really hate the name Nicola and NEVER use it. I don't know why I hate it so much but I cannot type it very fast I use it that rarley.
I think you will actually find that Nicola is a Greek name!
I have always prefered Nicola to Nicole.

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