It's very beautiful. And I like it better than Katherine!
Wow, this is a beautiful little nickname that I only just discovered today.
A famous (in the Netherlands at least) bearer of this name is Nienke van Hichtum, a Frisian writer of children's books from the late 19th/early 20th century.
And of course this is my own name! :) Although I'm not famous myself.
I really like this sweet little name. I definitely imagine a sweet little girl with blonde hair and blue eyes with this name! The Nie-beginning is adorable, and the -ke ending makes it extremely cute.
Nienke is pronounced as: NEEN-kə [noted -ed]
I think Nienke is a cute name, but I prefer it spelled 'Nynke'.
It can be pronounced either NEEN-koo, or NEEN-kuh.
For the longest time, I've loved the name Catherine/Katherine, and what they mean, but those names are so common. So, I've looked for many alternatives: Kaleigh, Catrin, Cato, Kathleen. But this one is by far my favorite. It's so exotic and youthful!

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