Finnish name day December 6.
Niklas Süle is a professional German footballer.
Add Usage: Estonian, German (Modern)Pronounced: NIK-las (Swedish, German), NEE-klahs (Finnish), NEH-glas (Danish)Meaning: Scandinavian and Finnish form of NICHOLAS.
This is my name, yay, and I don't know anyone else with it.
Niklas Nygren, video game artist who's created a number of intricately designed open-world games.
Beautiful name. An alternative name for the popular "Nicholas".
Nicke is the common pet name (in Sweden).
The Swedish pronunciation is "NICK-lahs". This is my brother's name, but he spells it Nicklas. [noted -ed]
You can spell it Nicklas, Niclas, Niklas, Niclaz, Niklaz, Nicklaz and many other ways. The most common is Niklas, then Niclas and after that Nicklas.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Niklas here:

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