Basque pronunciation is [nee-KO-la]. [noted -ed]
Cool but can sound girly sometimes because it ends with A.
The name of famous Serbian inventor and futurist, Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) the inventor of AC current, Tesla Coils, radio, x-Ray machines, radar and thousands of inventions used in the modern world, included was the power plant of Niagara Falls.
In Hungary Nikola is strictly a female name! Never used for men. [noted -ed]
The name Nikola was given to 141 boys born in the US in 2015.
Derives from Greek components: ΝΙΚΗ-ΛΑΟΣ = victory-people.
In Czechia 90% of people with the name Nikola are female, but there are some boys with this name.
A famous bearer of the name:
Nikola Milojević, Serbian footballer
Nikola, Crown Prince of Crna Gora, Montenegrin prince
Nikola Altomanović, Serbian medieval ruler
Nikola Avramov, Bulgarian painter
Nikola Tordeich, is a NZ born celebirty
Nikola Frankopan, Croatian ban
Nikola Grbić, Serbian volleyball player
Nikola Gruevski, Macedonian Prime minister
Nikola Jerkan, Croatian footballer
Nikola Jorgic, Bosnian Serb soldier
Nikola Jovanović, Montenegrin footballer
Nikola Jurčević, Croatian footballer
Nikola Karabatić, French team handball player
Nikola Karev, Macedonian revolutionary
Nikola Kavaja, Serbian anti-communists
Nikola Kljusev, Macedonian politician
Nikola Kochovski, Macedonian footballer
Nikola Kojo, Serbian actor
Nikola Kotkov, Bulgarian footballer
Nikola Kovachev, Bulgarian footballer
Nikola Kuljača, Serbian waterpolo goalkeeper
Nikola Lashley, British journalist
Nikola Lazetić, Serbian footballer
Nikola Ljubičić, Serbian politician
Nikola Mandić, Croatian politician
Nikola Martinovski, Macedonian painter
Nikola Mijailovic, Serbian opera singer
Nikola Mijailović, Serbian footballer
Nikola Milojević, Serbian football goalkeeper
Nikola Milošević, Serbian intellectual
Nikola Modruški, Croatian catholic priest
Nikola Moravčević, Serbian academic
Nikola Moushmov, Bulgarian historian
Nikola Mushanov, Bulgarian politician
Nikola Nešković, Serbian painter
Nikola Nikezić, Montenegrin footballer
Nikola Nikić, Bosnian Serb footballer
Nikola Nimac, Croatian racer
Nikola Obreshkov, Bulgarian mathematician
Nikola Pašić, Serbian politician and diplomat
Nikola Petroff, Bulgarian wrestler
Nikola Pilić, Yugoslav Croat professional tennis player
Nikola Rakočevič, Serbian actor
Nikola Resanovic, Serbian-American composer
Nikola Sarcevic, Swedish rock musician
Nikola Šećeroski, Serbian politician
Nikola Stojić, Serbian rower
Nikola Špirić, Bosnian Serb politician
Nikola Šubić Zrinski, Croatian-Hungarian ban
Nikola Tesla, Serbian inventor, physicist, and mechanical engineer
Nikola Uzunović, Serbian politician
Nikola Vaptsarov, Bulgarian poet
Nikola Vignjević, Serbian footballer
Nikola Vitov Gučetić, Ragusian statesman
Nikola Vujčić, Croatian basketball player
Nikola Zhekov, Bulgarian military
Nikola Žigić, Serbian footballer
Nikola Ribic, Serbian-Canadian convicted for hostage-taking
Nikola Langer, Czech manager
Nikola Navrátil, Czech actor
Nikola Brejchová, Czech athlete
Nikša is a Croatian variant/diminutive of Nikola. [noted -ed]
Two famous bearers are Nikola Langer, manager of singer Aneta Langer and actor Nikola Navrátil.
Nikola Šuhaj is character from the movie "Balada pro banditu" (1978). He was played by Miroslav Donutil.
Also a masculine name in Slovenia. [noted -ed]
Nikola Tesla, the man known for discovering electricity and inventing many things including the microwave, bore this name.
In response to Dark's comment, Tesla did not discover electricity, he merely came up with a second current generator, among other inventions.

In the Battle of the Currents, Thomas Edison was on the weaker DIRECT current side. Edison attempted to flatten Tesla's reputation by electrocuting several animals using Tesla's AC system. Tesla, however, was on the more powerful ALTERNATE current side. Tesla was able to shoot lightning from his fingers using AC current without getting seriously hurt.

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