School shooter Nikolas Cruz shot and killed 17 people at his former high school.
Nope. Nicolas, Nicholas, Nikolai, and Nikolaus are much better.
Cute name! Niko is a cute nickname.
Not my style.
Basque pronunciation is [nee-ko-LAS].
This is also a Basque name.
Name is so sexy.
If I had a son, I would personally not name him this. Due to Nikolas Cruz, the idiot that shot up the Florida school.
Florida school shooter, Nikolas Cruz.
And...u just kinda ruined the full name for me.
I really am not fond of this name. The "K" seems random and out of place. Also, it would be misspelled often- but where I live there are two people in my grade with this name. If it was based off heritage I'd like it better, but it's a variant in Greek too. I understand why people use it though- Nicholas is even more popular. It's fine to name your child this, but I personally dislike it. Then again, one of the Nikolases I know feuded with me in orchestra.
A nickname for this could be Nik or Niko.
Nikolas is also Czech and German variant.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Nikolas here:
I love this Greek form of the name Nicholas, it just looks so much more sharp to me, I love it. I was inspired by a certain Nikolas Cassadine of General Hospital ;]
It's like a sickly way to spell Nicholas.
Name of a character in Amelia Atwater-Rhodes' novel SHATTERED MIRROR.

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