The given name Nil is also used in Belarus and Ukraine. It is written as Ніл in both Belarusian and Ukrainian.

In both languages, Ніл (Nil) is also the name of the Nile River: (in English)
• Belarusian: (in Belarusian)
• Belarusian (Taraškievica orthography): (in Belarusian)
• Ukrainian: (in Ukrainian)

HOWEVER, there is something that requires special attention. In Ukrainian, there is also the given name Нил (Nyl). According to a Russian source, Nyl is actually the proper Ukrainian form of Neilos (Nilus in Latin). A Ukrainian source confirms this, and states that Ніл (Nil) is actually the Ukrainian form of the Irish name Neil. (in Russian) (in Ukrainian; explicitly states that the given names Нил and Ніл should not be confused with each other)
• saint Neilos/Nilus of Sinai (died in 430 AD), known in Ukrainian as Нил (Nyl): (in Ukrainian)

Personally, I find it doubtful that Ніл (Nil) is the Ukrainian form of the Irish name Neil. It is more likely that the name is a variant of Нил (Nyl), or was directly derived from the Ukrainian name for the Nile River. Otherwise, it would make no sense for Ukrainian religious figures (such as Nil Lushchak) to use Ніл (Nil) as a monastic name, rather than Нил (Nyl). Also see the Ukrainian Wikipedia article for saint Neilos/Nilus the Younger (910-1005 AD), who is known as Ніл (Nil) in Ukrainian instead of Нил (Nyl): (in Ukrainian)

Lastly, bearers of the name Ніл (Nil) include:

• Nil Hilevich (1931-2016), a Belarusian poet and writer: (in English)
• Nil Khasevych (1905-1952), a Ukrainian artist and painter: (in English)
• Nil Lushchak (b. 1973), a Ukrainian Ruthenian Catholic hierarch: (in English)
• Nil Topchiy (1893-1980), a Ukrainian opera singer: (in Ukrainian)
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This is also the French and Polish forms as well, check the websites.ï
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