Nino is a fictional character from the game Toram Online. In the game, Nino is a member of the partisans.
Dottore Giuseppe Antonio “Nino” Farina (30 October 1906 – 30 June 1966), was an Italian racing driver and was the first official Formula One World Champion, gaining the title in 1950.
In Croatia, Nino is also the usual short form of Ninoslav.
I usually go by Nino, since I kinda hate my actual first name, Eugênio. I think it sounds nice and it's easy to write in other languages.
Also a popular boys name in Croatia.
I think this name is adorable. I first heard it in the film "Amélie". I love it as a nickname for boys and a legit name for girls.
Nino Quincampoix falls in love with Amélie in the movie Amélie. He is played by Mathieu Kassovitz.
Nino is a very popular boys' name in Italy, the short form for Antonino, as well as Giovanni. It's also fairly common in Greece, and also heard in Spanish speaking countries.
Pronounced NEE-no.
Also a boys name in Slovenia.
In Georgia (in Caucasus), Nino is a girl's name. Apparently it was the name of a monk (?) or priest in Georgian history.
Nino Quincampoix was Mathieu Kassovitz's character in the movie "Amelie".
This name makes me think of the Spanish word *niño*, which means 'little boy'.
Nino, from Fire Emblem by Nintendo, is a little mage girl. I did not know she was Italian.

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