Nkechi Amare Diallo, born Rachel Anne Dolezal (1977-), is a former American civil rights activist. Of Czech, German, and Swedish ancestry, she claimed to be of African ancestry until she was questioned on her heritage by a TV reporter, of which she refused to answer. Her racial claims sparked a controversy in June of 2015.
Mostly such igbo names are given due to what the parent pass through before having a child, Nkechinyere or Nkechi in short are given when a parent conceive when they less expected, it is said to be God who gave or gift from God.
Nkechi Opara, a weightlifter who took part in the Glasgow 2014: Commonwealth Games.
The meaning given to the name Nkechi on your website is wrong. Please refer to the comment of Adaobi. She got it right. "Nkechi" on its own means "God's own". Nkechi can also be the shortened form of "Nkechinyere" meaning "What God has given, God's gift, Gift from God". Would you mind making the necessary updating? [noted -ed]
Nke - means 'belongs to'
Chi - God
Nkechi - God's property
My daughter's name is Nkechinyere which means "What God has given". Nkechi is actually the short form of Nkechinyere so you know I love this name. The meaning of this name is not right on this website. It means "God's own". The meaning of Nkechi is different from the meaning of Nkechinyere. [noted -ed]

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