Japanese people definitely spell it "Noboru".
I really like this name because it reminds me of the word "Noble". This is how the English word Noble would be pronounced in katakana. I think it's awesome. I also like "Nobu" too, that sounds like noble too.
Noboru Yamaguchi was the second kumicho, or Godfather, of the Yamaguchi-gumi yakuza gang in Japan. He assumed control of the gang in 1925 from his father, the gang's founder, Harukichi Yamaguchi. He ruled until 1942, and was succeeded in 1946 by his protege, Kazuo Taoka.
Noboru Terada was a Japanese freestyle swimmer. At the 1936 Olympics he won the gold medal in the 1500 m event with a margin of 10 seconds. In 1994 he was inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame.
Noboru Rokuda is a Japanese manga artist. He made his professional debut in 1978 with Saigo Test, for which he won the Shogakukan New Artist Award. He won the 1991 Shogakukan Manga Award for general manga for F.
Noboru Kawasaki is a Japanese manga artist. He is most famous for drawing the series Star of the Giants. He won the 14th Shogakukan Manga Award in 1969 for Animal 1 and Inakappe Taishō as well as the eighth Kodansha Children's Manga Award for Star of the Giants in 1967 and its successor Kodansha Manga Award in shōnen category for Football Hawk in 1978. He is also the creator of The Song of Tentomushi, Skyers 5 and Kōya no Shōnen Isamu.
Noboru Akiyama was a Japanese Nippon Professional Baseball pitcher, originally from Okayama, Okayama. He played with the Taiyo Whales. He is a member of the Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame.
Noboru Sugai is a Japanese professional golfer. Sugai was born in Tokyo, to a Japanese father and a Russian mother. He turned professional in 1975 and has won three tournaments and over 275 million ¥ on the Japan Golf Tour.
Noburu Katagami was a Japanese literary critic and a professor of Russian literature at Waseda University. He is also known as Tengen Katagami.
Noburu doesn't mean 'to climb' or 'to ascend'.
NOBORU means to climb and to ascend.

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