Also means "mist" in Hawaiian.
This is actually the original version of Noah.
Noe is also commonly used in the country of Georgia, where it is written as ნოე and pronounced as: /nɔɛ/ [noted -ed]For more information, please see:- (in Georgian)
- (in English; this is about the name)
- see the entry for Noe: (in Georgian; the entry's own page unfortunately was not archived)
- see the entry for Noe: (in Georgian; this website copied the complete entry of the prior link)
- (in Georgian; this is a list of male saints whose name starts with N)
- Noah the biblical character: (in Georgian)
- Noe Adamia (1917-1942), a Soviet Georgian sniper: (in English)
- Noe Khomeriki (1883-1924), a Georgian politician: (in English)
- Noe Ramishvili (1881-1930), a Georgian politician and prime minister: (in English)
- Noe Zhordania (1868-1953), a Georgian journalist and politician: (in English)
- general search for ნოე (Noe) on the Georgian Wikipedia: (in Georgian)
- (general): (lists only bearers living in Georgia)
- You can also find plenty of Georgian bearers on Facebook! The best way to find them is to search per city, preferably the most populous ones of Georgia: Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi, Rustavi, Gori and Zugdidi.
Noe means "something" in Norwegian.
I love the name Noe it is GREAT!
I think this is a very fine name. Though I'd probably feel more compelled to use it more as a nickname myself as opposed to an actual name.
Noah "Noe" for instance. (Popularity has never been a concern for me).
I have a friend and his name is Noe and Noah. I always knew that their names came from similar roots. Now I have evidence.
Noe? It’s no.
It is rarely used as a Modern Greek name.
Who would name their child "No?" Seriously...
Noe is also the form of Noah in:- Czech Republic
- Georgia (written as ნოე in Georgian)
- Poland
- Romania
- Slovakia
- Slovenia.

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