Douglas Adams' middle name was Noël.
picajay  7/3/2019
This name is also used in Belgium and the Netherlands (but more so in the former), where it is a unisex name (though much more commonly seen on men than on women). The Dutch pronunciation of the name is noo-EL (or noo-WEL to be a bit more precise, because you can definitely hear a 'w' in the pronunciation). The -oo- sound is because that is how -oe- is pronounced in Dutch; just compare Dutch words like boer, goed, roet, snoet, etc. As a result, Nouël has been encountered as a rare variant spelling of Noël in the Netherlands (where the 'ou' is the same as in Louis, not 'ow' like in Wouter).

- (in Dutch; features some Belgian and Dutch bearers)
- (in Dutch; shows the prevalence of the name in the Netherlands in 2014)
- (in Dutch; shows the prevalence of the name in Belgium in 2009)
- (general):
- (lists only bearers living in Belgium)
- (lists only bearers living in the Netherlands).
Lucille  10/31/2018
Noël can be a girl or a boy's name. My middle name was named after a girl named Noël, and I truly just can't see it as a boy's name. Maybe if you pronounce it nole, maybe.
― Anonymous User  12/10/2015
My name is Piper Noël, and the coolest thing is that both are in Christmas songs, and I am born near Christmas [the first noël, 12 days of Christmas]. Coincidence? I think not :]
― Anonymous User  12/10/2015
Noël / No-elle
Elle- pronounced this way because of the two dots over the e, diaeresis.
This means that the letter that holds the diaeresis is emphasized and separated as it's own letter (creating more than one syllable, often 2)
instead of NOLL (1 syllable) like how Joel is pronounced you put -e emphasis on the e. (creating two syllables No-elle)


Anaïs- ana-EEse (pronounce the -i as a double -ee sound in french
Gaëlle- Ga-Elle.
cziehl  12/4/2015
This is pretty and I love Christmas soooo.
― Anonymous User  11/18/2015
I completely disagree with this being listed as a masculine name. Noel without the umlaut would be the male name pronounced as "knoll," but "no-el" sounds feminine to me. I've never really liked using "Noelle" for girls; the umlaut separates the vowel sounds into two syllables, so it's just unnecessary to add extra letters to feminize the name. I love Noel (with the dots!) for girls.
IEnjoyTonsOGoodNames  3/27/2015
While Noel is exclusively masculine in French, it is unisex in English. As a female name, it's probably best known (at the moment) for being Kim Kardashian's middle name.
Buneary  5/24/2014
Noël is pretty much always pronounced no-EL, while Noel can be pronounced as no-EL or NOLE. This name was relatively popular in France in the late 40's and early 50's.
bonjour_mon_joli  8/26/2013
I am a male named Noel... my name is pronounced No-Ell... at least that's how my family have always pronounced it, but if someone called Noll, I don't correct them, but if my mom or sister heard them, they probably would.
― Anonymous User  1/19/2013
Merry Christmas! (Christmas Eve)! It's an okay name, but only for kids born on or around Christmas. Otherwise, it's kind of tacky.
Bazinga  12/24/2011
Noel is exclusively a male's name. The females can be Noelle or Noelia.
Schizofrenic  12/15/2010
I think it is said NOLL, like Joel, but some people can say it like No-elle. It works either way... as long as you correct them if you're a guy.
Akane-Aoi  8/3/2010
I believe this spelling is used for both male and female children; the pronunciation [nol] is typically used for males and the [no-EL] pronunciation for girls. Without the two dots over the E the name would be pronounced [nol].

Other variants of spelling (for female usage, typically) include Noelle, Noell, Noele, etc. (The first is most common, I believe.)
Elen-Di  12/25/2009

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