Also Hungarian: -- mention Norina
I think that Norina is... okay, but nothing special. It is not too outdated in my opinion but I would not choose it.

I think it would have more chances far from Italy.
Norina has become very rare for newborns. Each year since 1999 less than five Norina are born.
Norina Trombini (1916–2009) was an Italian partisan during the Second World War.
Also used in Hungary. Pronounced: NO-ri-naw.
A famous bearer of this pretty name was Italian actress and perfume company founder Norina Gilli (Princess Norina Matchabelli, 1880-1957), from Florence. Her stage name was Maria Carmi.
This is so beautiful. I love it, it's much better then Nora even though I like both.
Norina is a main character in the opera by Donizetti entitled "Don Pasquale".

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