Makes me think of a slim golden African girl.
Nubia is one of the protagonists in the children's book series The Roman Mysteries by Caroline Lawrence. She is quiet and kind, plays the flute and loves animals.
I personally really love this name! It makes me think of beauty. It is also the name of a main character in "the Roman Mysteries" children books.
Don't name a kid after a kingdom, country, continent. It's extremely cringy.
It has “noob” in it. Noob means an inexperienced person.
I know a Lady (in Brazil) who wore the name Nubia. I always thought it ugly for a woman. I had no idea where it came from. I am very surprised to read about it. It is still ugly to me but, at least I know it comes from our ancients.
Tacky and extremely ghetto. This sounds like something Azealia Banks would name her daughter.
It's beautiful. Don't get the ghetto or trashy impression at all. It sounds elegant and regal.
Sounds too much like nubile, which makes it a little awkward to give your daughter.
Personally, I think this is a very pretty name. It puts me in mind of regal Egyptian pharaohs, and the vast quantities of education and intelligence which goes with such a title. I think it is a name which would age well.
I love this name! I think it's got such a unique beauty to it. I couldn't see anyone using this name in the Western world, but I would love to see it used.
Nubia is ugly. It sounds like "newbie".
In the animated Disney Channel series, The Proud Family, Nubia is one of the Gross Sisters.
Sounds like a disease.
Sounds too much like 'newbie'. This is the type of name pretentious people who think Western culture is horrible crap would go for. If anyone would, that is, ha ha!
Derives from the Latin word for cloud.
It is not derived from the Latin word Nimbus which mean cloud, not gold. Nubia is said to be derived from the Egyptian Nub (gold), as the Egyptians obtained most of their gold there.

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