This is the original name, not the variant!

ór (gold) and fhlaith (ruler, princess).
I like the meaning of my name! It makes me feel so special, even though google translate says my name is Portuguese.
Very gorgeous.
ÓRFHLAITH, genitive -atha, Orlaith; an old Irish name, meaning 'the golden lady.' Latin — Orlata.

From: Rev Patrick Woulfe, 1923, Irish Names and Surnames.
A girl, who was one of my classmates, bore this name. She claimed as Orla. Now she is an up-coming media analyst and professional guitarist. I used to think she was strange, with this name, but not anymore.
This was the fourth most popular female name in twelfth-century Ireland, and was borne by both a sister and a niece of the great tenth-century king, Brian Boru.

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