This name was also used among the German minority in Bessarabia:
It's too devious in my opinion.
The name Odelia is also in use in Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and in Spanish-speaking countries in South America. The name is quite rare in all of those countries, however - other forms (such as Odilia) are much more common in comparison.

With that said, Odelia is pronounced as o-DAY-lee-ah in Dutch. The Italian and Spanish pronunciation is either o-DE-lyah or o-DEL-yah.

Lastly, even though the Hebrew name Odelia has a vastly different etymology (as was already stated in the previous comments), you might want to know that the name is written as אודליה in Hebrew. [noted -ed]

- (in Dutch; shows the prevalence of the name in the Netherlands in 2014)
- (in Dutch; shows the prevalence of the name in Belgium in 2009)
- (in Spanish)
- (general):
- Argentina:
- Italy:
- Mexico:
- Puerto Rico:
- Spain:
- (general):
- (lists only bearers living in Italy)
- (lists only bearers living in Spain)
- (lists only bearers living in Mexico).
30 girls born in the USA (2015) were given Odelia.
In Hebrew it means "I will thank god"
Odé = "I will thank"
Lya = "to god"

It is rather rare in Israel, but exists.
Looks like a combination of the Shakespearean women Ophelia (Hamlet) and Cordelia (King Lear). Gorgeous name.
The name Odelia in Hebrew means I will thank god.
Such a pretty name! Pronounced oh-DEEL-ee-yah.

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