The tiny town of Odell reminds us of dozens of towns in downstate Illinois.

The town was built around a railroad in the 19th century. Then in the early 20th century it became a highway town when the future Route 66 was built through the center. Today the trains speed through without stopping and I-55 greatly reduces the usage Route 66. Odell is surrounded by some of the best farm land in the country.
The IPA pronunciation is /oʊ.ˈdɛl/. [noted -ed]
Dyeing, not dying! Woad isn't toxic. [noted -ed]
Odell Cornelious Beckham Jr. Is an American football wide receiver for the New York Giants of the National Football League. Born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Beckham played college football at nearby Louisiana State University, and was drafted by the Giants in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft with the 12th overall pick. A polarizing figure, Beckham has been one of the most productive and popular players since entering the NFL, but has been involved in several high-profile controversial incidents both on and off the playing field.
Odell sounds like the name some really cool old black guy who lives in AL, MS or GA and who's seen and done a lot in his life and now just wants to be left alone and get high once in awhile would have and you don't give him any crap because he's earned the right to live that kinda life!
The name Odell was given to 21 boys born in the US in 2015.
This name is going to resurface in the top 1000 really soon because of the emergence of OBJ, Odell Beckham Jr., the star wide receiver for the New York Football Giants.
This is my grandmother's name, but she spells it with an "e" on the end (Odelle) and it's the last syllable that's stressed (O-dell, not o-DELL). Originally it was Odell, but she added the extra "e" to make it look more feminine when she got tired of receiving mail addressed to "Mr. Odell LastName."
Aha, how clever of him!

I prefer this as a girl's name, with an 'a' tacked on the end (you know, Odella).
This was the birth name of American children's author Scott O'Dell (1898-1989), who wrote Island of the Blue Dolphins and many other award-winning books. He was born Odell Scott.

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