Also used in Spanish. There are 3.720 bearers of this name in Spain (source: Instituto Nacional de Estadística). [noted -ed]

'Oliva' is also the Spanish word for "olive".
I prefer Oliva to Olivia, it's less common. Plus, it's simpler. I prefer Olive, and Oliver for a male. Oliva is not masculine to me.
This name is not just a feminine name. My husband's father's middle name is Oliva. His grandfather (my husband's great-grandfather), in turn, was named Oliva as a first name. It was also the name the father of the Dionne Quintuplets. My husband's family is French Canadian (like the Dionnes) and so I'm guessing that Oliva has a French root.
Also, it seems Oliva is a surname of Spanish origin and the name of several towns in Spain, Navarre, Italy and Poland. There was also a famous abbot of this name from Catalonia in the 10th century.
I prefer Oliva more than Olivia which has become too popular, and Olive is a bit old fashioned. It's a nice spelling as a female version of Oliver.

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