Omar Varela is a music producer. He mainly creates bass music, but sometimes also creates melodic music.
I didn't realize the name was Biblical. My brother is named Omar, and since he has Middle Eastern facial features (big eyes and prominent nose) everyone would assume he was Arabic. He is Latin. My mom heard it from some Muslim business men who were visiting her home country and she really liked how foreign and exotic it sounded.
Omar Bradley was the last living 5 star general of the US Army. He was a general during World War II and later became Chief of Staff and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The Bradley Fighting Vehicle (tank) was named in his honor.
DeMarcus Omar Ware is a linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys and like my favorite football player!
In Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, some people mistakingly call Count Olaf 'Count Omar'.
Omar Rodriguez-Lopez is the kick-butt guitarist from the rock band The Mars Volta.
Omar Epps is an actor who bears this name.
Omar Sharif was an actor known for his romantic leading roles during Hollywood's "Golden Age."

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