Love the meaning, but this is also a word.
Gorgeous meaning. Light is lovely.
I like names that begin with "Or-", many of them make me feel a certain way. Orla, Ora, Orpha, Oral, and many more Or- names sound grand, vintage, and mysterious. As for this name itself, it's is okay in my opinion, although it looks a bit incomplete.
Sounds quite similar to Arabic "Nur", and has the same meaning of "light". I wonder if there's a correlation between the two languages. :D.
This is just a word, not a name.
Knock knock!
Who's there?
Or you going to open the door?

Hehe I'm so not funny lol
I thing this name would sound really weird in America because truth OR dare and that type of stuff. I don't know about other places though.
What a beautiful name!
In French, "Or" means "Gold".
There's an Israeli film called "Or, My Treasure," a heavy drama about a lower class girl--named Or--who has to become a prostitute to support herself and her mother. It's on Netflix.
A notable female bearer of this name is Or Grossman, an Israeli fashion model.

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