Oran's a cute name. My friend's name is Oran and we always call him Orange lol.
My cousin has this name. Also, person who said this is a girl's name, it is absolutely not. Not only is it defined as a masculine name, I personally could never picture it for a girl.
Though, I suppose you could use it as a girl's name if you wanted, like how some people do with the name Spencer and other traditionally masculine names.
Sounds like orange. I've never heard of this before. I don't like this name, but I do like the color Orange.
Also Manx:
In Pokemon, there is a berry called the Oran Berry.
How is it a girl's name? The only popularity data of Oran is for males. Plus, it's an anglicization of Odhrán, and Saint Odhrán, the only famous bearer, was a male saint.
This name also corresponds with the Gaelic Òran meaning 'song' and I'm sure some parents may have chosen it for this meaning.
Used as name in Hebrew. Found in the official Hebrew Names Book since the '80s. Started to be used in late '60s early '70s. Multiple origins:
1. Play on "Oren" which is a common Hebrew name. In the Bible Oren Tree means Pine Tree.
2. Oran = Or + Ran = Light + Song.
A city in Algeria bears this name.

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