I think Orlando is a really nice name. It's got an undeniably cool ring to it. When I hear the name, I think of summer and the ocean. I love it.
Also, I think it would be beautiful to give someone this name in honor of the Orlando shooting victims ♥️
Also used in Spanish. In fact, Orlando is more used than its variants Rolando and Roldán. are 4.014 bearers of this name in Spain (source: Instituto Nacional de Estadística). [noted -ed]
Orlando, Florida REPRESENT!
There is a Virginia Wolfe (sp?) novel called Orlando.
Like the city.
Orlando Pizzolato (born 30 July 1958) is a retired long-distance runner from Italy. He represented his native country in the men's marathon at the 1988 Summer Olympics, finishing in 16th place (2:15:20). His biggest success was twice winning the New York City Marathon (1984 and 1985), and the silver medal in the men's marathon at the 1986 European Championships in Stuttgart, West Germany.
Orlando is a very nice name.
At first I was like.. what the heck is this? When I found out it was the Italian form of Roland, I said Orlando out loud and I was like... I’m sorry, what? It’s a BEAUTIFUL NAME. Very strong and nicely organized.
Two Renaissance composers have the name Orlando - Orlando Gibbons and Orlando di Lasso. Gibbons was a leading composer and organist in late Tudor and early Jacobean England, and Orlando di Lasso (also known as Roland de Lassus, Orlande de Lassus, Orlandus Lassus, and many other variants of that) was from the Spanish Netherlands and was a master of the Franco-Flemish school of polyphonic choral music.
Orlando Jonathan Blanchard Bloom is an English actor. After having his breakthrough as Legolas in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, he rose to fame by further appearing in epic fantasy, historical epic, and fantasy adventure films. His other roles include Legolas in The Hobbit trilogy, Will Turner in the Pirates of the Caribbean series, Paris in Troy, and Balian de Ibelin in Kingdom of Heaven.
Orlando Hernández Pedroso, nicknamed "El Duque", is a Cuban right-handed former professional baseball pitcher. His greatest success came as a New York Yankees starter during that team's run of World Series championships in 1998, 1999, and 2000. He also won a championship in 2005 with the Chicago White Sox. He is the half-brother of pitcher Liván Hernández.
Orlando Haddick (or Sheep with Red Hat) is a secondary character in the Japanese video game "Catherine" by Atlus.
He definitely fits the laid-back nature that seems to come with the name.
Marcos Orlando Letelier del Solar (April 13, 1932 – September 21, 1976) was a Chilean economist, Socialist politician and diplomat during the presidency of Salvador Allende.
It's a city, not a name so why would you use it on a child?
Two epic poems, the "Orlando Innamorato" (Orlando in love) and the "Orlando Furioso" (furious Orlando), the first written by Matteo Maria Boiardo and the second from Ludovico Ariosto are centred mostly on the character of Orlando, knight of Charlemagne. In the Orlando Innamorato, Orlando falls in love with the beautiful Angelica and starts going after her, and in the Orlando Furioso, he becomes crazy after he discovers she loves another man.
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I think Orlando is a very sexy name! It's brilliant how it's Italian and I love that there was a character with this name in a Shakespeare play! Moreover, Orlando Bloom is a fantastic namesake! I'm tempted to use this name for a future son! (♥ó㉨ò)ノ♡.
This name reminds me of SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida. I've wanted to go there since I was four, and haven't. So it seems an oceanic name to me even though it's the word "land" between two O's.
The name Orlando sorta relaxes me. (It also makes me think of Legolas from The Lord of the Rings).
Orlando Brown (born 1987 in Los Angeles, California) is an American actor and musician.
The Italian pronunciation is awrr-LAHN-daw.
I just recently started to love this name (Although I do fancy Orlando Bloom). It's very romantic sounding which I love for boy's names. The fact Shakespeare used the name also makes me like it more.
I know of a few kids with this name, mostly of Puerto Rican decent.
Orlando reminds me of a pirate. (Of course, Orlando Bloom playing Will Turner might have something to do with it).
Also used in Spanish/Castilian. It's pronounced Ohr-lahn-doh.
The prefix *or-* means golden, so combined with -lando, it could mean "of the golden land.
I find it intresting that Orlando means "famous land" and Orlando is a famous city.
I don't like place names on people. Everyone will associate the name with the place, and Orlando is known for its bad taste and hideous singers, right? Besides, the nickname Orly is hideous.
There is a character in the graphic novel 'The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen' named Orlando. S/he (Orlando is a transsexual) is a mixture of Virginia Woolf's Orlando and Orlando the knight of Charlemagne.
This is also the last name of the Prime Minister of Italy during World War I, Vittorio Orlando. He was also one of the "Big Four" (along with Woodrow Wilson for the US, David Lloyd George for Great Britain, and Georges Clemenceau for France).
Love this name, sounds incredibly dashing, but it would be annoying if people kept asking if you named your son after Orlando Bloom.
I really love the name Orlando; it's right on the top of my list of favorite names. And the fact that Orlando Bloom has this name makes it that much better.
Orlando is one of my top favorite boy's names. When I think about this name I envision a gracious young man with strong family values. Someone who is also is very charming and enthusiastic. A lovely name in general. If I had any distaste for this name in the least is that it's the name of a city in Florida. I live in Florida so it's a little strange. Nevertheless, I would still use this name despite that. Oh, and yes Orlando Bloom definitely makes this name 100 times cooler. =)
A famous bearer on That's so Raven is Eddie Thomas, but his real name is Orlando Brown!
A really cool name. Orlando Bloom *sigh* makes it a whole lot better.
Love the name! Shakespeare used it! It's very cool and sounds amazing.
Two famous bearers are Major League Baseball players Orlando Palmero and Orlando Cabrera.
I think Orlando is a very fun name! I can a imagine a really handsome, Hawaian guy named Orlando! Also, Orlando Brown plays the funny Eddy in That's So Raven! Funny!
I was told this name can also be Cuban. It is a city in Florida, yes, because the Spanish (Ponce de Leon) first found Florida, with means flower in Spanish, and Orlando is also a Spanish name which they named a city in Florida after.
Other famous bearers of this name are Orlando Brown (Eddie from That's So Raven) and Orlando Jones (The Time Machine).
Nickname for this name can possibly be Orli.
The main character in Virginia Woolf's novel Orlando bears this name. Orlando is a boy in the beginning of the book, but changes his gender a few times during his life, going as Lady Orlando whenever s/he decides to be a woman.
Famous bearer: Actor Orlando Bloom (Legolas, "The Lord of the Rings").
The actor Orlando Bloom was named for the great English composer Orlando Gibbons. It is the name of a famous Italian Renaissance epic poem called "Orlando Furioso" on which Handel wrote an opera that is still in the repertoire.

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